Muslim, Orthodox Jews, Mennonites; How to care for female patients of "modest" faiths - page 2

Hello everyone, I have a situation and would like some opinions. I have a friend who went to an ER the other day. She had fallen and hurt her leg and knee. She is a Muslim and wears a hijab... Read More

  1. by   tvccrn
    Quote from Still Riding
    In christian science they do not beleive in health care of medicine, how is this handled, especially in an emergency case?
    I would think that the only emergency cases for that religion would be the ones that were brought in unaccompanied and unconscious, therefore unless they have something on their person stating they are christian scientist, they would be treated the same as any other person would in that situation. It's not ethical to withhold treatment just becasue you aren't sure of a person's religious persuasion.
  2. by   Unavailable
    seems to me that they were making their own little crusade here against this poor women. as there was no pertinent need for this women to be forced to strip down even after it was made clear to them that it went against her religious beliefs. in all honesty there is no real need for clothes to be removed for an modern x-ray machines and for older ones lite clothing without any metals are fine. and to make her remove her head scarf is down right wrong.