MSN/NP w/out a BSN

  1. Hello

    I am new here today and already have a question. I hav a BS in Psych and an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy. I would like to become a Nurse Practioner and was not sure if you could go that route without a BSN.

    Any info would be great on what to do.

    I am also considering CRNA, do you need a BSN first?

    I am asking for both since I am interested in both, but already have 2 degrees and don't want to do any unecessary course work!

    Thanks and hello to everyone:spin:
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  3. by   TazziRN
    NP is a master's level, and to get there you need to be an RN and have a Bachelor's.
  4. by   skipaway
    Quote from ksc0723

    I am also considering CRNA, do you need a BSN first?
    You need a BSN or a BS in a Science field in order to apply to anesthesia school. You would definately need to get your RN and work 1+ years in an acute care (ICU) setting. You could try to find an accelerated BS to BSN program at some university.
  5. by   loafin'
    Yes it is possible to be NP or CRNA w/out BSN. Vanderbilt has a MSN NP bridge program for AS/AD to MSN and a bachelor's in any field(without prior RN degree) to MSN. There are also CRNA school's that will accept RN's with bachelor's in another field with the required prerequisites.
  6. by   elkpark
    There are so-called "direct entry" programs for nurse practitioners for non-nurses who already have at least a baccalaureate degree in something else. They combine a "quick & dirty" basic nursing education with the MSN nurse practitioner program.

    CRNA programs all require that you already be an RN (most require that you already have a BSN degree, but there may be some out there that will take an ADN or diploma RN with a different baccalaureate degree) and that you have at least one year of critical care nursing experience.

    There are numerous threads here that discuss NP and CRNA education, and you can find lots of info.
  7. by   ksc0723
    Thanks everyone for the feedback!