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Hello. I had a c section on Tuesday at 10am and just want to rant about my hospital stay. I know they tell you to walk ,but the tried to get me to walk 21 hrs after, and I had great pain. They said"... Read More

  1. by   mama_d
    Congrats on the baby!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad stay. I can kinda understand some of the rationale from the nurses you had, but I think that they could have done some things differently. It certainly wasn't right for you to not have your concerns addressed in a compassionate manner.

    I can understand the bowel/narc use concern, but it seems like they could have handled it differently...on my floor (not OB), when there's been no BM for a couple of days and the patient is on narcs, we add stool softeners and laxatives, and try to back off on the narcs as much as the patient can tolerate. This doesn't mean we deny them narcs if they're due, but rather that we educate the patient on the impact it has and try alternatives to see if they'll work, and if they don't, it's back to the narcs.

    The getting up and walking is so important post-op, but would certainly have been easier if your pain was under control!
  2. by   CoffeeRTC
    I think the big problem was that your concerns were just brushed off. I've had a Csection and 3 vbacs. With the csection I do remember having a PCA for at least 12 hrs after. Foley was dc'd soon after that. Percocet q 4 or 6 and then 800 of motrin every 8hrs. I remember being routine with taking them. I was in the hospital a bit longer than the average section due to toxemia too. As a nurse/ pt, I think we all think about what could have been done better/ differently. I think my big issues were that no one was around to help me up out of bed the first few times (DH told them I was a nurse) and that stool softners weren't pushed sooner. I had to ask/ beg for them and juices when I was able to tolerate po's.
    Getting the brush off is never acceptable.
  3. by   Raefabian4
    WOW, I am so sorry for your experience. To look at the positive side of things, I bet this will make you a better and more compassionate nurse being through this. I will tell you that both of my kids were a C-section and they are 9 years apart but the same dr. did the surgeries and they would NOT give me anything other than go home and take advil. I got nothing in the hospital for pain except tylenol with codeine and that was one pill and I was in for 1 day after the surgery. It totally sucked and I am a nurse as well and I worked at this same hospital and everything is about making sure the patient is comfortable and free of pain etc. but it wasn't for my case that is for sure. I always said that if I ever had another child (I'm not anymore) I was going to go to the dentist and complain about a toothache and get me some tylenol with codeine to have on stock for after I got out of the hospital from my c-section. LOL.
  4. by   smartnurse1982
    Thanx everyone for your responses and I think I would write a letter about no one being there to assist with getting out of bed(no one even offered) and pain control(found out percocet and motrin were prn) maybe I was hard on the instructor but my pet peeve is a lot of air bubbles in ivs