Most RN's first borns? - page 22

Hi everybody, I have a question and PLEASE dont anybody blast me for typecasting, this was not MY statement, it was a LCSW I was friends with. She claims that a huge % of nurses are first born... Read More

  1. by   jessi1106
    First born and born to (thank goodness now recovering) alcoholic dad.
  2. by   Diary/Dairy
    I am a firstborn, and so is my Mom!!
  3. by   AmySue2
    1st born, yes dad's a drinker and so am i
  4. by   bmajkj
    I am also a first born, my father was not an alcoholic.
    My mother is a first born, her father was an alcoholic
  5. by   Diary/Dairy
    ohh, I forgot to add the alcohol bit. My mom's dad was an alcoholic at one point, but has quit since then. Neither one of my parents drinks.
  6. by   skittlebear
    I am a first born female of an alcoholic father.
  7. by   faith716rn
    First born, dad a heavy drinker, but can't call him an alcoholic. Worked for 37 years, never missed a day of work and was/is a great father to my sister and me.
  8. by   blackIrish
    I'm the middle child, only girl-definitely the caregiver. Dad is a functional addict.
  9. by   Shenanigans
    I actually saw something similar to this study in the paper a while back, it also stated where in the family politicans and other professionals are supposed to come.

    Mind you, I was adopted, so I guess I could be first born, but I found myself 2nd in line to the throne in my adoptive family. My dad sure as heck isn't an alcholic, though!
  10. by   vandermom
    1st born, first hs grad in entire extended family, no etoh on dad but mom's a different story.
  11. by   carleen_arnp
    first born female, + father ETOH. Very interesting. Is someone keeping a tally her? I see that it is a long thread.
  12. by   ruffhouser
    1st born of ETOH dependent parents
  13. by   wizap
    First born here. Mom and dad did not use ETOH...