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Related to another thread I just read on blood transfusions, what is the most blood you have transfused in one shift? My record, is forty plus units or so (this includes some FFP cryo, and... Read More

  1. by   frann
    I've only given 3-4 in a shift,
    But look I've made 50 posts. Am I a senior member now?

    I should get off my butt and do some work around here.
    Don't worry I'm at home not at work.
  2. by   tracib
    I remember a young-ish 45 yo man with a ruptured AAA....cracked his chest in the room and rode the bed to the OR....had a level one infuser on two blood pumps...I think it was 48 units of uncrossed before we got to the OR.....don't know how many more were given in the OR, except that I stayed through the surgery on a blood line and pumped everything they handed me. (Sans mask, cap or anything in the way of surgical attire-but no one else was gowned or masked either.)

    Believe it or not, he walked out of the hospital two months later- aorta, heart, brain, kidneys and all else intact.

    Had anyone asked me during the show, I would have said it was hopeless and why are we doing this.

    It's so very easy during the efforts to say that it is hopeless and want to quit.....unless you happen to know the person to whom this is happening. The 45 year old was my brother's best friend...with whom we had eaten supper two hours before all this happened.

    That last comment is purely incidental...I will do my utmost no matter what. That's why I come to work each do my best for the patient.