Morton's Neuroma...

  1. ....Has anyone ever had this, or known someone who has? What are the treatment options? I have looked online at the Podiatry Channel & read what they have to say. Thanks : )
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    Hi Jennifer,
    As you probably already know morton's neroma is also called morton's toe, disease, foot, or neuralgia and it is pain in the third and fourth toes due to a neuroma of the branch of the sensory nerve supplying them. Usaually home remedies include rest, massage and roomy footwear and in severe cases, surger is required, better be safe have the pt. go to a doc quickly, before it gets worser or a podiatrist.
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    I was dx with this about 2 years ago,I went to ortho doc about another problem, and mentioned my symptoms as an after thought.I usuallycan walk about 3 miles before it bugs me, then if I can sit down and massage foot for about 5 min., the pain subsides.
    Podiatrist has offered solution of injections of absolute alcohol directly into nueroma, I think he said 14 or so, as it doesn`t hurt most of the time, I haven`t gone that route, yet.
    For me, at least, this has more of an annoyance than anything.I make sure I wear shoes that are roomy, and have inserts in them( also have problems with heel spurs.)