More than 1,200 homeless, nearly homeless on reservations

  1. [FONT='Century Schoolbook']Homelessness is prevalent on American Indian reservations in northern Minnesota, but that doesn't mean you'll find people living under bridges or in shelters, according to researchers with the Wilder Foundation.
    [FONT='Century Schoolbook']Using a broader definition of homelessness, researchers found that more than 1,200 people on northern Minnesota's reservations are homeless or doubled up in the homes of friends or family members.
    [FONT='Century Schoolbook']The study, released last week, showed that many people didn't meet the federal definition of homeless but were living in overcrowded homes with multiple families.
    [FONT='Century Schoolbook']"Even though people might be staying for a long period of time in that status, it isn't necessarily a stable way to live because they are bouncing back and forth among so many different settings," said Ellen Shelton, a researcher who analyzed data for the study.

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  3. by   vetnrse
    so true Wolfie!
  4. by   Chica_bella813
    I always learn something new from You!! I wonder why this is not readily discussed on the news???
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  5. by   vetnrse
    Thankyou Thunderwolf. This is a great organization. All the info is there. This is exactly what I have been trying to do where I am, though I do it now as a one man operation, I would like to educate the public exactly the way this organization does and get lots of people on board to help. Once the conditions of the reservations is known to the population, there's no excuse not to help in any way that each person is able, no matter how large or small. Every little bit helps. This site has given me a format at which to work from . Thanks.
  6. by   Thunderwolf
    As a health care provider of some Indian descent, I see it as one of my duties as a nurse to make others aware of the needs of people...people right on our own this case, the Indian. One big barrier is the misunderstanding of the Indian culture(s) I spend a lot of time on this. But, much also has to do with folks honestly not being aware of the unmet health care needs of the Indian...which continues to be neglected to this day. My posts here that I bring in from outside information regarding their plight is but to help shed some light on make others aware. It has been hid too long under the basket of secrecy and shame.

    Thank you.
  7. by   vetnrse
    My thoughts exactly. I commend you Thunderwolf for putting so much time into these numerous informative posts.And I know it takes alot of time. I stay up way too late so I could follow up on these things.But this is such an important issue, it has to get out in the open. Its been hidden away way too long. And it has sickened me for way to long.
    Its time. I've sent the links to everyone on my list,asking to forward, and already there are people interested in adopting an elder and helping in other ways. People always ask me about Indians. Its true. They really just dont know. They were never told. It shouldve been in all the school curriculums from the beginning. Current events on reservations, including the substandard health care;cause & effect. The real history , one sided battles against people only trying to defend their homes and families. enough.I am ready to take this on full force to make the situation publisized in any way I can.
    Only with knowledge can there be hope. Pilamaye
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