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HORRIBLE This does not help improve public images of caregivers. 7:29 p.m. EST March 7, 2002 Man Lives 2 Days Stuck In Windshield Hit-And-Run Victim Eventually Dies In... Read More

  1. by   4XNURSE
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    journalism or sensationalism?

    In this case how do you differentiate? This is so horrifically sensational you either don't report it, or you stir up all the feelings this generates.

    That monster is beyond description. Imprisoning the man to die!?? Sounds like medieval torture to me.

    Makes me glad I know so many really great, caring, lovable, nurses. (RN, LVN, CNA,...)

    just my $0.02

  2. by   ERNurse752
    It reminds me of "Misery."

    Except the guy in that movie lived, and and crazy woman died...

    I think they make a point of saying she is a CNA, b/c what she did and what people's opinions of what CNA's are like as people are at such total opposite ends of the spectrum.
  3. by   SharonH, RN
    Originally posted by night owl
    Lighten up SharonMH31, I'm sane and I would agree, but no one said because she was a nursing assistant is what caused her to do this horrendous crime. I was just saying how she "cared" for people to make a living and then goes out to party one night...........

    I should have made a distinction but I wrote my post after reading the comments on the free republic board where it seemed to me that some people were saying that this woman's actions were symbolic of what is wrong with the nursing profession. And like I said her actions were caused by "the drugs, the booze, and the lack of morals and a conscience. I guess that means we agree.
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  4. by   SharonH, RN
    Originally posted by NurseDennie
    I agree with you Sharon! Would they be trumpeting her work if she was a cafeteria lady, or a newspaper reporter or something besides nursing related???

    She's obviously ... well, I can't even say what. Nuts, crazy, evil, retarded?



    Dennie, so true! Definitely all of the above.
  5. by   Cascadians
    Windshield death suspect back in jail - Bail raised to $250,000 - Informant Receives Death Threats

    " ... Ms. Mallard, a nurse's aide who was fired Thursday after the murder charge became public, ...

    " ... [bond] was insufficient and that she has an unstable work history and sought counseling only after she was charged in Mr. Biggs' death. ...
  6. by   Mary Dover
    Heard her lawyer say on TV last night "it's not murder- it's simply failure to render aid". Unbelievable and sickening.
  7. by   NurseDennie
    Hi again, everybody. I hadn't seen the news stories that said he'd only lived for a few hours in her garage. I dont know....

    IF he was in there for days, it's even possible that he died from dehydration. It didn't say if she gave him food or water whilst he was in there. If she didn't, then there's no question in my mind that it was murder, whatever the legal term for kidnapping an adult, etc., etc., etc. She got him stuck in her car, she drove to where nobody could find him to help him. She made a decision not to allow him to be helped.

    I try to figure this out, and I'm just left agog... I sure can understand that *shot* of pure terror when you realize you've done something horribly wrong. That feeling of "My life just changed forever." and EVEN "How can I get out of this?"

    I guess maybe her lawyer is having one of those moments.

    They're not going to be able to plead insanity, although she's clearly very sick, because she obviously knew she was doing wrong. She hid him and the car, and even burned one of her car's seats in her back yard trying to get rid of the evidence.

    I am with the others who would like to hear what kind of coworker and neighbor she has been. Just trying to get my mind around it, much less understand!


  8. by   Cascadians
    Details Disputed in Death of Man Lodged in Windshield

    " ... Sobbing and seemingly dazed as television cameras circled around her, a young nurse's aide charged with murder in the gruesome death of a homeless man appeared in court today ...

    " ... Ms. Mallard, born and raised in Fort Worth, was state certified as a nurse's aide. She had bounced between jobs at nursing homes in recent years. ...

    Read earlier that her garage was at least 4 miles from scene of accident.
    Some "hood ornament" "hood trophy" eh?

    Wonder if State Nursing Board will see any inconsistency in "conduct" etc

    In Oregon the OSBN says once a CNA, always a CNA, every minute, in every capacity. Can only get out of being a CNA if one does not renew etc.

    Chances are the vast majority of CNAs do not know how strictly the Board interprets their status.

    Her line of work is getting major airplay :imbar
  9. by   NurseDennie
    Oh wow. There you have it - obfuscate and confuse all the issues. That's their only hope for a defense, isn't it?

    The article said: (Mr. Heiskell is the lawyer, Mr. Biggs the victim and Ms. Daniel was the person who turned in Ms. Mallard.)

    "Mr. Heiskell said Mr. Biggs was unconscious by the time Ms. Mallard arrived at her home and described Ms. Daniel as unreliable. "

    She's unreliable!!!!! Oh, that's SO much worse than killing somebody!


  10. by   NurseDennie
    Oh my. I followed some links, and I saw a clip from a TV news story interviewing the friend and/or acquaintance who turned the driver in.

    Very strange-looking young woman! I mean... Well, it looks like she drew her eyebrow and lip colors on with magic markers. Scary looking!

    Take a look if you get a chance.


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  11. by   Cascadians
    Dennie, thanks for the link and your thoughts. Our computer system wasn't able to load the video. Sounds like a "colorful" assortment of characters.

    By now those nursing home residents and staff have no doubt watched the news reports
  12. by   NurseDennie
    Sorry about that - I changed the link above. Who knows how long they'll leave it up.... But I'd like for you to see her. I've known people who make up like that, and they're not always completely rational.


  13. by   All41
    It was reported that her attorney said she had used poor judgement.....Dugh! Is anyone to be accountable anymore?
    This and situations like it just stiffen my resolve to demonstrate sound, compassionate and professional behavior. Walk the walk.