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  1. I was just wanting to see how many of you students were moms and to see how you guys get along being in class with your kids. I have two boys 8 and 4. I will start my final semester of pre reqs in January and now I am a little nervous about fitting the full time program into my life. Can anyone tell me what a normal day is like as far as time wise in class? My kids will both be in school when I start the program I'm just wondering if the classes usually start at 7 and go to 3 or what. I am doing the LPN program now and later I will do the bridge over. Any input will help.
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  3. by   Just Angi
    At my school our regular clases are from 8- 3 or 4 but when clinicals start you have to report at 6:45 for those. That is you have to be there no later than that at whichever facility you are working at that day.
  4. by   avimom
    I'm usually in class 9-4 3 days a week, with two days of clinical from 7-3:30.

    It hasn't been easy, so far. I started a 2 year BSN program in September, and I can't count how many times I've had to leave class early or arrange alternate care for my poor little 16 month old girly. Darn all those day-care cooties! I even had to miss an exam last week because the kiddo was running a fever. I keep thinking that as long as I can get through this first semester, I'll be able to manage, and I haven't flunked out yet. Only time will tell.
  5. by   BethinFlorida
    I will finish my pre-req this semister and will apply in Feb to start nursing school in Aug. I have two kids as well. I'm interested to see if the teachers work with you or are they as bad as I hear?? Hope I'm wrong...
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    My hat is off to the single mo's and single dad's that go to RN school. You definately need a support.sys. My support.sys is here and at work. School isn't a support.sys because they are the ones demanding so much of you. Accept that you will fall in the begin and enjoy the falls. You know how you have to fall and get up as part of learning to walk. You can be very hard on yourself if you want to be, why?
  7. by   renerian
    I had a two month old baby plus other kids when I started school. I went at night. I worked part time during the day plus babysat six kids two and under off and on during the week. I missed many firsts that my kids did. It was h e double hockey sticks but I am glad I toughed it out.......

  8. by   traumaRUs
    When I did the LPN program my kids were 7 and 12, then 9 and 14 when I did RN. I worked full-time nights and went to school daysl My husband really supported me going back to school and helped so much. The boys did fine, but I was REALLY tired a lot.

    Now, I'm going back for my BSN, but the boys are 17 and 22 - much easier now. Still having supportive husband makes a huge difference.
  9. by   jdomep
    I feel very lucky that my school started an evening program I have 4 little guys and on class days I have a babysitter come at 4:15 till DH gets home at 5:15 and he gets to take care of them for the night and on clinical weekends (it makes him appreciate all I do for him and the boys :chuckle )

    Studying is tough - I grab time when I can and try to make the best of it, I tape my notes to play during the day and I use note cards to keep with me at all times.

    Our teachers are flexible about lecture but not on clinicals!
  10. by   J-RN student
    I am only taking a few classes at a time. My ADN program will probably take 4 years instead of 2.
  11. by   lindahanna
    nursing school is simply put CRAZY! i started out when my son was 11 weeks old, he is now 5 years old and i am in my last year(thank god!). i guess its all about sacrifices. i didnt want him to be in daycare so i stayed at home all day, and worked and went to school. yuck. so basically no life but i keep telling myself it will all be worth it. (right?? now that i only have to work and go to school since he is in school it seems sooo much easier. some teachers are evil, others are easier when they know you have kids. clinicals you MUST attend. your kids sick, you go, your sick you go(yeah that one makes sense right). one thing that has totally helped out alot of my friends in class is being a cna. problem is you are looking at about ten bucks an hour and who can survive on ten dollars an hour!!!! and whatever you do take a&p beforehand!!!! i spent a year and half taking all my pre's for this program and the bsn program that i am going to straight after. another thing i found that works, dont study at home, there are always going to be phonecalls you get, dr phil on oprah or something that catches your attention, i find dunkin doughnuts the best they are open 24/7 and you can get all the caffeine you are going to need!
  12. by   StrugglinStuden
    I have two girls. One is 4 other is almost 2. My hubby is active duty army and NEVER home, so Im basically on my own here.
    anyway, i go to lecture (1st semester) for a couple of hours each afternoon. Lecture is not so bad if you miss... (our teachers email us lecture notes every day, so in class she is just reading the notes she sent), but clinicals are a different story. For us, there is absoultly no missing those! Especially if we are on rotation at our clinical site.
    Its hard when you have kids. To avoid all distractions of "mommy... mommy " I only study after they go to sleep.
    I "forgive" myself for sometimes not reading nite time stories. I go in after they are asleep (during a study break) and just look at them. It makes me feel better because I know that all that Im doing this for them. My girls are my reason for "truckin on":roll
  13. by   Jotie
    Hi I too am a mum and studying. I have 3 kids 14, 15, 16 and two step kids 15 & 18 living here in our little house I am at the end of my 2nd year (one more year to go and I'll be an RN) I am so lucky that I have a great partner who is so supportive. The poor thing has to hold the fort while I go away for 2 weeks at a time on my clinicals of which there are 3 sets of 2 weeks each semester. Living in the country we have to travel all over the state to get the practical experience we need. But hubby bless his heart is a gem. But I will have my turn to hold the fort as he is going to do his RN training after I finish.

    I wish every student all the best and just stick to it as time passes and we will all get there
  14. by   nicu nite nurse
    Hi I am also an RN who decided to go for my BSN when the hospital I have worked at for 20 years decided to offer the program for free as long as you give them 2 years of service when you are finished. I thought that it would be an excellent opportunity for me to advance my career now that my kids are 14, 16, and 18. I got my ADN before I had them, so it was very easy. But I would never of dreamed of school when they were little. I am a bit of a perfectionist and would have become frustrated if I could not allow myself the appropriate amount of time needed for a certain class. My program now does alot of online courses, and tele courses, so actual in class participation is limited. We have forums somewhat like this, where we communicate with the teacher and each other about our subject issues. This way we all have more time at home. I am planning to go to Drexel Univ. in Philadelphia after this for my Master's degree. They have recently changed their program to ALL online. For me that is the best way to go. Look into it if you have not considered that option.
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