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Hello, Any advice would be helpful. My daughter is 17 years old and was homeschooled. She went ahead and took her GED and did well. She has wanted to be a nurse for many many years. She was... Read More

  1. by   scribblerpnp
    I'm glad to hear your daughter is beginning to get the hang of things. It sounds like she is very smart and will do well in the long run.

    I am sorry you received such a horrible e-mail. Most likely someone sent it privately because they new if they posted it, there would be a huge outlash from those of us who actually LIKE nursing. Nursing has its strengths and weaknesses (just like every other type if job). But I think the GREAT thing about nursing is that there is so much diversity in job opportunities. Any nurse is bound to find something that fits well with him/her. But it can take time, and it WILL be frustrating waiting for the Best Fit For Me Job! For me it was peds and by unexpected life events, I landed into teaching future nurses. Which was not something I ever really considered, but is by far my favorite job.

    I also hope you encourage your daughter to become a member of the forum. It is a great support system for nurses and future nurses!
  2. by   barbie90210
    [font=book antiqua]the minimum credential to teach in the california state university system is a doctorate in nursing. the minimum credential to teach for university of phoenix is a masters degree. the minimum credential to teach for a community college is a bachelor's degree in nursing and preferably a masters. there are some vocational colleges that will accept someone with an rn license. however, in my opinion the lpn is not worth it. it is not a stepping stone to anything except an rn license. employment is limited to those facilities that utilize them. they can find work in clinics or doctor's offices but generally that does not pay very well. registry lpn's make half of what an rn makes while doing very similar duties. so your advice does not really apply in this case. the student will have limited options as an lpn. good for you that you found a great job. however, it is not in floor nursing and you are not an lpn.
  3. by   scribblerpnp
    In the area I live in, we have some LPN schools and some of the clinicals are taught by LPN's. The class portion is taught by BSN's. Also, MA schools utilize LPN's as well. I'm only saying this to note that teaching certainly isn't out of the question. Also, the mother had stated in an earlier post that her daughter strongly intended to advance her degree, but wanted to be able to get some nursing experience. Perhaps I should have been more clear about that in my post. Sorry for any confusion!
  4. by   djkmc1998
    Quote from Homeschool Mom
    As far as books go are funds are a little low but I have a bid on e-bay of what I was told was a great book. Its called Saunders Comprehensive Reviews for NCLEX-PN. It comes with a CD also. Anyone heard of it? Thank-You for all your help. I have much to learn about letting go. Thank-you for all your kind responses and your honestly. I needed to hear it!
    I am in my 2nd year of LPN school, and we just recieved this is wonderful. I was having some difficulty with the style of the questioning on my tests....I feel more confident now, and I know what to look for because of practicing on the CD that comes with it. It is a great study guide, Im sure that she will find it very useful.