Miracles we have seen

  1. I don't know if this thread has been done or not. I have read some funny stories, some horrific stories and even stories that have made me outright cry.

    After Christmas I just want to feel good about the human race again and believe in peoples overall good nature.

    I remember in nursing school when a woman was brought into the ER unconscious by employees of a department store. She was seven months pregnant and bleeding steadily. It was determined that she had been shoopping for her husbands Mother a birthday gift when she fainted and fell onto her stomach. (the ambulance was tied up due to a major wreck on the interstate). The ER Doc decided that emergency C-section was needed. THe employes of the store was concerned that her family didn't know what was going on. One of the employees used the lady's cell phone and started calling her contacts to get family and friends there. The baby was a 5lb 2oz baby girl she only spent a week in NICU. It was later determined that the mother had had a TIA. What hit me in the heart was the store's employees they could have waited for the ambulance but they knew that she did not have that kind of time (and neither did her baby). They went into action, they did something. I know that some of us would say that waiting for the ambulance would have been better. But what if they had waited...
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  3. by   burn out
    When I worked in ICU at a trauma center there was a teenager that was 7 months pregnant that had a gsw to the abd while on a picnic with her boyfriend (the shooter was not her boyfriend but someone trying to rob them)..the baby was not harmed. However the mother developed resp failure and ended up coding and was clinically brain dead. We managed to keep momma's body going for several days until labor set in and then the first and only time ICU nurses had to help deliver the beautiful bouncing baby girl with no deficits. truly a miracle.
  4. by   KellieNurse06
    definetly saw one...my own daughter.....summer 2004 she got sick, went into the hospital to the PICU..(she's DD anyway from meningitis as an infant) so she ended up going into DIC, septic, into septic shock, respiratory failure, multi organ failure...the whole nine yards....swollen like the michelin man, on an oscillating vent etc etc....they literally called me into the hospital and said her lactic acid levels are off the charts and there's nothing more to be done that can help her & it's only a matter of time.She had so many pumps with drips you would of thought she had a major multi organ transplant, they were afraid to even turn her on her side in fear of her heart just stopping she was so sick... ....I never saw so many pumps for one person in my life... I sat by her side for 4 days waiting for God to take her & let her suffering stop as nothing more could be done. Her homecare nurses even came into see her & say goodbye to her....all of them were heartbroken because she is their little princess.......well she pulled through..miraculously.....has oxygen 24 hours a day now & is on a vent most of the day because of all this that happened...but it was definetly a miracle to see her open her eyes & come out of this, not as healthy as she was prior to it, but......even the doctors who cared for her & the nurses who know her so well are still to this day shocked over her coming out of it......one doctor even actually looked up at the ceiling and said to me " someone or something of a higher power is most definetly watching over her because I have without a doubt witnessed a miracle with your daughter"
    I still get chills to this day over this........but I also never want to see happen that ever again......to not only my daughter but anyone...it's a horrible thing to see ....... anyway .....so yes that was a true miracle I believe in my heart.....I hope as I begin my nursing career I get to witness more........
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  5. by   Laught3r
    "I still get chills to this day over...my daughter...so yes that was a true miracle I believe in my heart."

    Kellinurse, My heart goes out to you. It gave me chills just reading your story. I pray that your daughter is doing fine today.
  6. by   TennNurse
    I was just about to start a thread on this very topic. Over the last 2 days I've had the opportunity to witness a miracle with my mom.

    Two days ago, my mom, a high school teacher in her last semester before retirememt, decided to leave school and go home for a nasty URI that she couldn't kick. On the way home, driving my dad's truck, she had a horrible MVA that ripped the driver's side door off and ejected her from the truck. She hit 2 parked (unoccupied) cars with enough force to knock them out of the parking lot and into a ditch, then spun across 2 lanes of traffic into a construction area, where she collided with one of their pieces of equipment. The construction workers called EMS, who found her UNDER the truck. The MVA was also witnessed by a friend of my dad's, who called his cell phone when he recognized the truck. My dad was out of town, and immediately called my sister, who was able to get to the scene quickly. No one else was hurt.

    Right across the street was a tiny hospital; she was taken there and her chest X-rayed. The ER doc spotted a small "fluid sac" in her left upper chest and had the foresight to transfer her to a larger hospital in the event that this represented an injury that needed a higher level of care. A CT revealed that not only are all of her left ribs broken, but she transected her aorta and was starting to bleed into her thoracic cavity, and had in fact already had a hemothorax to her left upper lobe. She was air-lifted to Vanderbilt, where the chief of vascular surgery patched up her aorta. She was not allowed to move until her whole body was scanned; the trauma team was certain that the force that transected her aorta caused additional damage. She has 2 broken fingers on her left hand, 3 on her right, and a multi-level lac to her left lower leg that required staples, but her spine, head, and everything else are free of injury. She has a chest tube still, but her Foley was removed today and she walked around the entire Trauma Unit, needing help only with her chest tube paraphenilia and IV pole. She had a bath and went to the floor about 2 hours ago. She is alert, oriented, and participates fully in conversations with us.

    If whatever tore her aorta had hit her just a little harder, she wouldn't be here today. No one else was hurt, and she will recover with no deficits. Her trauma team at Vanderbilt expressed complete amazement at how well she is progressing with her "constellation" of injuries. (Interesting word, I thought.) The word "miracle" was used freely.

    I do have one more, but I'm still reeling from this one, so I am going to go say another prayer of thanks that my mom is still with me, and tell the other story tomorrow.
  7. by   Laught3r
    TennNurse your story is nothing less than a miracle. Tell your Mother that others are praying for her full recovery.
  8. by   nurseangel47
    Wow! What a wonderful postChristmas gift for you and your mom! Wow! Is about all I can say after reading these two beautiful miracles...to Kellynurse and TennNurse. These two really stand out in my book of miraculous recoveries. Definitely makes one believe even stronger in a higher power...and mine is a glorious God. Hallelujah! The others were inspiring as well, not to leave mention of those, by the way. I actually got chill bumps reading these posts. Thanks for sharing. I really needed this tonight. What a great group of nurses on here. I thank God every time I reenter this forum. It helps me no matter what frame of mind I'm in!
  9. by   KellieNurse06
    Awww..thanks nursepanther & nurseangel.... Ya I still get chills myself to this day......A friend of mine in Florida actually just lost her 6 yr old daughter on this past Dec 20th for almost the exact stuff after she had surgery..so that makes me wonder even more...how come some people get through the worst things ever and others don't.....
    And Tenn Nurse...wow....your mom definetly had some higher power with her........I pray she recovers quickly with no after effects........she is one lucky woman.......Your dad must of been freaking out being away......wow....
    Miracles do indeed happen for an unknown reason.........
    Anyone have any more good stories?????? Love reading about these!
  10. by   JeanettePNP
    My dh had a miracle... He fell asleep on the interstate, veered off the road, car flipped over and was totaled. He walked away with just a few scratches; not a single bone broken, did not even require any stitches. When he was brought in to the hospital and the tests showed everything clear, the nurses all came up to him and said "G-d loves you!"