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It is 1:15 AM and I just got off the MNA hotline that our bargaining unit has rejected the contract the hospital put forward and we will be going out on strike June 1st unless the negotiations start... Read More

  1. by   -jt
    <I hope the hospitals and that Shireen chick wake up before Friday and see the potential disaster for what it is!!>

    I wish one of you would copy your letters from here & send them to your newspapers & TV station. Youre making it all so clear here - everybody in that city should hear what youre saying.
  2. by   Cafe
    JennyP- send that info to the newspaper!!! I think it is time we put pressure on these newspapers to include a little more about the truth of what hospitals are sure willing to pay out to break a strike rather than settle. I read the articles on the allnurses,com home page connection, and from them what I see is still that slant that it is the nurses that will make the general public suffer!!! It continues to happen across our country every time articles pop up. Here in WI, there is a hospital that was working on their contract and the talks broke down so the article stated the hospital decided to put into effect their offer. (Union represented hospital mind you) Now I sent an article to the paper, asking is this legal and what is going on. My answer back was- we will forward your ideas on to our editor and nothing else came of it. You know it was nurse's week when the article came out, but that is past now so OLD NEWS not worth pursuing I guess. So, Minnesota nurses, we are behind you and I hope they listen to your voice so strong. Let's all, with so many of us from varied areas of the country, email Minnesota per the article- at jburcum@startribune.com or mlerner@startribune.com. to keep us informed and to urge them to continue to follow up on what is going on there. When they get bombarded with enough mail, they may eventually realize they have an audience waiting to hear.
  3. by   timonrn
    Just got done talking w/ my Mom, an Allina RN who had told me about training in the replacements--Lucky for her they won't arrive until mid-week so she got out of it BUT the hospital where she works is closing down a 12-bed unit on Tues and reopening it to sleeping quarters for the replacements with 24 hr meal service promised!!! FREE!! A patient can't even get that so how is this!? I will be walking with her on the picket line on Friday!! PS-we all do write letters to our papers up her (the whole two of 'em!) but I've only ever seen maybe four letters from Nurses!!

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  4. by   PeggyOhio
    JennyP and all Minnesota nurses.

    I so hope you guys walk. The reason I say that is because if 8,000 nurses go on strike in one area, there is no way the media will be able to ignore it. It would be like you were doing it for all of us.

    If they do we should all walk!

    Come to think of it on June 1st if the Minnesota nurses walk I wish every nurse across the country that isn't working would gather in their respective communities and have demonstrations to support the Minnesota nurses. It would be a great public awareness opportunity.

    It's probably too late to organize it but,
    wouldn't it be great to have an 8,000 car entourage funeral procession behind a hurst carrying the "Nursing Profession"! What would be listed on the death certificate, primary cause of death "Un-valued" secondary to "Industry Greed"? Bet the media would eat that one up. Take the coffin to the public square and "bury" it under mountains of flowers like the one's they left for Pricess Di. And have an all night vigil!

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  5. by   fiestynurse
    I like your idea PeggyOhio!! When the time comes, I think anybody who is able to make it to Minnesota to support these nurses, should be encouraged to do so.
  6. by   PeggyOhio
    Yikes! Read this!

    I think we should show national support also. I'm going to write to the ANA, and ask them to take full page ad's out in every major newspaper asking nurses to demonstrate in support of the Minnesota nurse!


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  7. by   -jt
    Thats a great idea Peggy. Also, how about WE ALL write in to those Minnesota newspapers for them. Imagine if each of the striking RNs wrote one letter & nurses from all over the country wrote one letter, that paper would be swamped. Send a copy to the NY Times, too. Stories that they publish get picked up by the national TV news networks.
  8. by   PeggyOhio
    Can you give us links to e-mail the local paper's?
  9. by   bassbird
    I just looked up our local papers and here is the info I found:

    Call the Pioneer Press Nurse Strike Line at (651) 228-5080 or e-mail: ceggert@pioneerpress.com



    Thanks for supporting Minnesota nurses!

  10. by   denicke
    Thanks for the info. I'm sorry to say I had no idea all this was going on. I did email the newspaper with a note of support for my fellow nurses and told them a non nurse could not possibly imagine what you have endured to reach the point that you would consider a strike. My prayers and thoughts will be with you and your families. I will watch the board for updates. I am also putting copies of the postings on our staff bulletin board along with a green ribbon to raise awareness. Good luck!!
  11. by   Jenny P
    Thank you all for your support. I've worked 3 12 hour shifts in a row and it is getting harder and harder to recover from these stressful shifts. I am glad that you, my peers, are supportive of us. There are days that I wonder if nursing is worth it. PeggyOhio, I love your idea; it would certainly get the media's attention, wouldn't it? I will mention it at the all-nurse meeting scheduled today for strike planning.
    There is so much stress in my workplace right now that I am actually looking forward to being off for a while; even if it is because of a strike. Maybe walking the picket line will help us build a stronger group resolve.
    I am being written up right now for a "sentinel event"-- transferring a patient who may have stroked while I was caring for him for 4 hours Friday night. I came on and was told to transfer 2 patients- the previous nurse called report, but the patients needed moving as soon as the beds were ready. One had some left sided weakness that seemed to resolve after he slept 2 hours, so I transferred him. The next day I'm told he had an MRI that showed he showered emboli. I feel sick that I transferred the patient, but would have had to move him anywaay since he wasn't staffed for.
    I am sick of being short staffed. My hospitals' float pool is pretty much non-existent at this point. Mandatory overtime is not allowed by our contract, but everyone has put in voluntary overtime to the best of their ability, and we are all TIRED! And there seems to be no end to this.
    I am finding out that some of my co-workers are turning into witches and eating our new nurses on our station-- and these are people who haven't been nasty like this before.
    Our patients' ages are frequently in the 80's and 90's; and they are having more and more complicated procedures- with more complications than ever before.
    It isn't uncommon for our patients to be moved 2 or even 3 times in a 24 hour period because of staffing convenience- and then we wonder why they become confused.
    I am sick and tired of "fast-tracking" post op open heart patients who are not ready to go-- or there aren't beds for them.
    One of my co-workers has been loudly proclaiming at the front desk that she will cross the picket lines-- and insists on talking about the strike out where family members can hear her. She won't listen to reason, nor keep her comments out of earshot of the public.
    On the good side, the Star Tribune Sunday came out with the front page headline "No. 1 issue for RNs: Staffing" and it told a nurses story for one awful day on a neuro floor right on the front page.
    I'm done griping for now. We shall make it through all of this, and hopefully this may cause some positive changes in the future of nursing. And believe me, I am and will continue to write to the papers, my legislators, and anyone else that I think will listen. Peace to all.

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  12. by   Jenny P
    Now that I am up at my usual time of day, life does not seem so bleak. What will I do to get oriented to being a day person again while we are on strike? The meeting I attended today was quite good; and I feel less stress now than I did on my earlier posting.
    One of the things they brought up at the meeting was that we do not have to train or orient our "replacements;" but if our manager asks for orientation for himself or herself, we do have to orient him or her.
    I felt comforted by the fact that I'm not the only nurse under stress from this strike, but it is so much easier to handle when you are with a large group of nurses who feel the same way you feel. And I feel much stronger for it.
  13. by   fiestynurse
    Hang in there Jenny P.!! Things are going to get ugly, but just stay strong with your convictions. Don't let the turkeys get you down!!

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