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I was just wondering, after reading a post by Andrew on another thread how guy nurses are accepted in L&D. Do you think that the patients respond to you like they do to your female co-workers? Do... Read More

  1. by   Harleyhead
    When I was in nursing school I was well received by the mom to be and her husband. So I was standing with my sisters awaiting the birth of this patient. Then the female MD walks in and orders me out of the room. Most of my classmates were stunned,the soon to be parents were taken a back. No explanation was given. I was not interested in L&D before that time and I still have no desire but it felt a little ood at the time.
  2. by   Ted
    My last trek in L&D was in nursing school. Did well there; taught first-time moms how to correctly breast feed; taught both moms and dads how to give baths, etc,; did exceedingly well on all L&D proficency tests; and even assisted in a very tragic case where the new-born died after child birth.

    I think I would have been a great L&D nurse if I chose that specialty.

    Ted Fiebke

    P. S. Of course I'd have to learn all of that stuff all over again . . . it's been almost 10 years since nursing school.

    (Which normally comes out first, the head or the butt??? )