Medication Safety + nursing

  1. found several gem articles while google surfing today and just had to share.

    attacking the medication error problem

    globalrph clinical links: 5 star rating
    iv drug dilution list

    ismp: [color=#397574]more on avoiding opiate toxicity with pca by proxy

    [color=#397574]intimidation: practitioners speak up about this unresolved problem (part i)

    survey examines intimidation by prescribers
    amnews: april 26, 2004. survey examines intimidation by ...

    [color=#397574]medication safety alert!

    [color=#397574]ismp medication safety alert! nurse advise-err, a medication safety newsletter designed specifically to meet the needs of nurses who transcribe medication orders, administer medications, and monitor the effects of medications on patients. this monthly, two-page newsletter will be offered free to nurses during 2005.
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  3. by   GingerSue
    Thanks, this is most useful.
    I had been thinking about a patient whose son one day demanded that I inject something into his father from an unlabelled container. He insisted it was B12. I refused because there was no prescription, and in addition, nurses can't inject something from a container that has no label!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Never can we be reminded too much, Karen, the gravity and weight of what we do, including administering meds. Thank you for these articles, Karen. I will read all of them, for I never say "it can't happen to me"....I just pray I dont' make a med error each time I go to work!