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  1. I'm currently going to community college to finish my pre-req's for nursing. I'm currently working for a Telecommunications company full-time while going to school. I'm so bored with it that I want a change. I was wondering what kind of Medical jobs are out there that do not require a degree. I'm currently taking a Medical Terminology Course if that would help at all. I'm so fascinated with the Medical field that I would like to start working in some kind of facility but I'm not sure what all I would qualify for if anything.

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  3. by   camkib
    I think that at a lot of hospitals- with medical terminology, computer and typing skills, you could probably get a job as a medical secretary....It would be a change of setting and you would get to see alot of the things that go on in a hospital setting. would probably qualify for a tuition reimbursement program that a lot of hospitals have for their employees. I have a friend who does this type of work and she always has a story to tell about the docs, nurses, and patients.

    I'm sure there are other positions within a hospital setting that you could get without a degree...

    I'll be checking back for answers, because I'm curious too as I am also working on my prereq's for a nursing program.

    Best Wishes
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  4. by   sjoe
    You might look into informatics if you are also interested in technology. It has a nursing specialty forum on this BB.
  5. by   JonRN
    You would probably qualify as a medical transcriptionist too, typing up medical records in the bowels of a hospital. I think this pays pretty well too, I have a friend in TX that does this.

  6. by   jode
    Look into diagnosis coding also....I am not sure what training is required....look at the medical records dept. Or get more training as a nursing assistant. Good pre nursing job, or as a phlebotomist.
  7. by   Zohar
    The major hospital in my area offers Nursing School students positions as Nurse Externs while in school. You get to work with nurses as a sort of Aide, they help pay for your school, and you get paid. You may want to find out if a hospital in your area offers something similar.

    I'm hoping to get on in the SICU. Interviewed there today, and I'm waiting on them to contact me.