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I am a Rn, BSN. I need advice PLEASE on my boyfriends mother who i have ran out of ideas in dealing with her politely. She is a medical assistant and thinks MA stands for medical advice. My problems... Read More

  1. by   Otessa
    Quote from Emergency RN
    Respect is very much a two way street. Obviously, she has very little for you as a nurse OR as a person. So...

    Tell her that if she does that again, you'll call her boss (where she got the samples, ie theft) AND the state and tell them that she's been practicing medicine (prescribing & dispensing) without a license and they can have her arrested. Of course, she may never speak to you again, but if that were the case, I don't think you'll be losing out on much anyway.
    Great idea-wish I would have thought of that
  2. by   NurseSnarky
    Sadly a lot of us have not had great experiences working with MAs period. I'm sure there are those who practice as they should, but often many want to be treated and called a nurse and act as one too...however, they do not want the responsibility associated with being a nurse. One I worked with said to me once, "h*ll no, I'd never be a NURSE!" when I asked her why she went the MA route when (without saying so), she wanted to be treated like an RN. She didn't want the liability, the NCLEX, the knowledge base needed.

    Now the MAs at my personal doc's office are great...never give out advice and just state they will run info by the doc and call back.
  3. by   tokmom
    Wow, what a nutcase. What does boyfriend think of this? I can't imagine how she would be as a mother in law!!
  4. by   tiredstudentmom
    Quote from Future NP-BC
    I agree with you completely. I don't view all MAs are like that. I would say most are good. Just the ones I know have the wrong idea. Particularly frustrating is when you know the local private college they went to misleads them throughout the whole program about boundaries, etc. That is all I was expressing.
    Yeah, I truly dislike how some educational institutions (some allegedly so! ) mislead in the name of financial gain. Guess we need to be thankful for the professionals (MA's, Nurses, etc) that are conscientious and do an awesome job everyday!