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  1. Hello Everybody ,
    Can Anybody help me or give me some idea for the assignment I have to do for my nursing class of chronic health: It is Select a medium related to either aging, persons living with disabilities and/or chronic illness and have to present it within a discussion forum. The suggested media are greeting cards, article from a news paper or lay magazine ,art form of a painting,sculpture etc. or a movie/documentary .

    the questions to be answered are;
    1) What made you select the particular medium?
    2) What influences might this medium have on society's attitude toward aging, persons with disability and or chronic illness?
    3) what do you want your classmates to learn from your selection?
    4) What did you learn from this assignment and how can you apply this learning to your professional practice?

    This assignment is due in two weeks please post your suggestions ASAP.
    Thank you all.
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  3. by   Lacie
    There is much controversy related to chronic fatigue syndrome to include some report that a high incidence of CFS occurs in nurses and women more so then men. Some believe in such a dx and others dont. Treatment is also very controversial. Just a thought as it can not only be very difficult to diagnose but can lead to long term disability.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I am finding it difficult to understand exactly what the purpose of the assignment is from what you stated. If I am not way off base, I thought of this: greeting cards. Many of the humorous greeting cards show little old cranky ladies. What does this portray? How does it make you feel about getting old? Is it really that funny to get old? You could also tie in chronic illness with these examples. Another example: get well cards. Or sympathy cards. Looking for lessons from these cards...what you want your students to learn...we send cards when we don't know what to say, or don't have the courage to say it in person... I still am not clear on what your assignment is.
  5. by   karnavati
    Thank you very much for your reply.
    This is what exactly our instuctor has given us.It is a class on Geriatric Nursing-Nursing of aged, disabled and chronic health problems .
    I was think the same way, either doing a greeting card or finding some poetry about older people and than answer those questions she has given at the end. Do you have some ideas which one and how to answere those questions? Please advice me.