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OK, I am seeing this way too much - nurses who are not able to even take a bathroom break, let alone a meal break. How often does this happen to you where you can't get to the bathroom when you... Read More

  1. by   swee2000
    Quote from SICU Queen
    Well I hope things get better for you soon. That is no way to work.
    Thank you. I am happy to report that I was able to take/enjoy a mostly uninterrupted, 30-minute lunch break both yesterday & today. And the bonus: I also got to use the bathroom yesterday during my shift!! :-) However, this stroke of luck was probably r/t the fact that 2 of my 4 patients were off the floor yesterday for procedures and at the same time. And for the other 2 patients still on the floor, one had just completed dialysis and was pretty tired out, while the other was getting dialysis from 1030-1400. I will admit it was a nice, "easy-er" day.
  2. by   swee2000
    Quote from mcknis
    My big pet peeve is not being able to keep drinks in the nurses station during the shift. If we want to drink anything we have to march all the way down to the other end of the hallway just to get a sip! Other day, I had a near-syncopal episode and was sent to the ER. Doc told went down because you didn't drink enough fluids! Argh. How can I when I am on my feet and don't have time for these breaks. Such is life.
    Same thing at my hospital. Staff is not allowed to have drinks at the nurses stations/pods or near the computers(which are in the pods). And it doesn't matter if the drink is in a styrofoam cup with a lid or a bottled beverage. No drinks are allowed outside of the staff breakroom!! And guess where the staff breakroom is? At the very end of the hall.
  3. by   mcknis
    Ridiculous, huh? Still trying to find more info about this, but unable to so far.
  4. by   swee2000
    Yes it is, especially when the air is so dry that you've got cotton-mouth and can't talk correctly/clearly to your patients.

    Also, just like some others on here mentioned, the staff on my unit was told by management that it was a JCAHO thing to not allow drinks in the nursing stations, near the computers, etc. But after reading some of these posts, one wonders if JCAHO is being used as the scapegoat to try & enforce the hospital's policy.