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Hello everyone, I just came across this wonderful forum and decided to post my question. I have MD and RN degree from my country and currently is thinking about nursing career in the USA. One of... Read More

  1. by   ClimbingNurse
    I went to nursing school with a gal who was a practicing MD in Ethiopia. She was a fantastic person to have in class and I'm sure she is a fantastic nurse now!

    My only advice is to not expect nursing school to be easy. She had just as much trouble as the rest of us.
  2. by   papawjohn
    Hey Again NurseMD

    My Haitian friend makes very strong efforts to show respect for MDs. I suspect he had the same concern that you do that some might feel defensive. He would always end a conversation with "Thank you, Doctor", I remember.

    Actually the nurses I heard speak about his medical background felt subtly flattered. His willingness to work in our field made nursing appear in a new, more significant light to some of them.

    He never talked very much about his medical degree or experiences, in fact deflected questions. I'd known him quite a while before someone mentioned it to me.

    He was a CriticalCare nurse, worked charge at night. He fit right in--althought he had probably had to make some significant adjustments to do so.

    Hang in there! Your remark about putting your family ahead of the goal of achieving you US Medical certification makes me (and I bet quite a few of us here) think you're DEFINITELY the kind of person we appreciate working with.

    Papaw John
  3. by   gypsyatheart
    Nursemd, Welcome, and I wish you luck with your goals! I worked w/a woman a few years ago, she was an MD in Russia, but, like you have said, to transfer credits, obtain licensing here was just too much, so she became an advanced practice Clinical Nurse Specialist. She was such a smart woman. She never discussed her previous role as an MD but she advanced very quickly d/t her knowledge and training.
    I think you will find that nursing will offer you many good opportunities and paths to follow!
    Good luck!
  4. by   MIA-RN1
    I think it's a great idea to work as a nurse but I offer a cautionary tale---I worked with someone who was an MD in another country and yet he failed out of the RN nursing program I am currently in. He never got a handle on English and told me that was the problem. (After working alongside him I got the feeling there were more issues than that--I think he actually resented us as coworkers because he felt superiorly educated but had to do the same job. (medical assistant) He lost his job in our office in part because he was signing his chart notes with an MD after his name. (That was a major part!) So I guess just remember to sign RN after your name and not MD. I think you'll be fine as a nurse. I would love to work alongside a nurse with MD training, and who wanted to work as a nurse.
  5. by   nurse4theplanet
    like with anything,some people WILL be be prepared. Don't advertise it and don't hide it. Those who show you disrespect are not good people and don't deserve your attention/response. Those who are going to accept you, will accept you no matter what. Such is life. I think you will find nursing extremely rewarding, and if you do decide to pursue an American MD later, then you will have the experience from both sides of the fence to know which area you are happier with, and able to help the patients most. That's what is most important, not what others think. Happy nursing.
  6. by   nursemd
    Thanks to everybody for support and cautionary tales. I will be careful to not sign MD after my name :wink2:
  7. by   GrnHonu99
    Good luck!! I hope you enjoy nursing
  8. by   RNin2007
    We have an MD from the Ukraine in our nursing program right now. She is a delight to be around, and as far as I know, doing well! Good luck to you =).