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    I like the wine and the sitter ideas :chuckle


    I am just saying, stand up for your personal life, and pt safety...
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    Quote from kat911
    In our hospital we use mandatory OT only in weather emergencies, ice storms hit us usually once a year. Much of our staff live out of town. No one leave thier work station until the unit is staffed for the next shift. If enough don't make it in to work (we pick up staff in town) staff must stay to care for the patients. Usually we have people voulunteer to stay.
    I don't mind this scenario, though our rural community has made provisions for the sheriff's office to use its 4wd vehicle to go and get nurses, docs, medics, etc. for their shift, in snowy weather...
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    Quote from kat911
    ... Only other mandatory OT is when no RN shows up on a unit and we have no one to send to cover that unit and no one will come in to work. If off going RN leaves she will have to deal with abandonment issue/peer review. Th:stone is happens very rarely.
    sorry, can't get with this scenario though...

    what needs to happen with a no call no show:

    1) charge takes report, sends you home, then figures it out...a no call no show is not your problem (as the off going RN); it's management's problem(unless I volunteer to stay - BUT work on covering it ASAP)

    2) management comes in

    3) house sup finds a way to make it work...

    4) work short