Mandatory Night Shifts? - page 2

I'm still a pre-nursing student, but have been wondering about this. Are night shifts ever mandatory, especially as a new grad?? I know that pay is higher for nights and there are other benefits, but... Read More

  1. by   gitterbug
    New grads here have rotated thru all 3 shifts before being assigned to a
    regular rotation. It is usually no problem since they do not work weekend thru orientation. The only time it is different is when they are going to work a unit that only does 12 hr shifts. I know when a new grads chooses night shift, for the first 6 months here, they have a buddy who can help them if they get into deep water, plus there is always the supervisor to call.
  2. by   CHATSDALE
    worked a lot of night [years] body never did make adaptation but it was what i needed with the babysitting arrangement
    one nurse had applied for days only to be told that she would be put on a waiting list while she worked nights,,not a happy camper when they hired a new grad for days...head nurse told her there was nothing she could do, went to don, same story but was told she would be put on the top of another waiting list..put in two weeks notice and was put on days before the week was out...the other nurse was put on another floor and quit before orientation was over
    do what is best for you...if they don't have an opening for days work somewhere else and reapply periodically