Malpractice Insurance

  1. Hi fellow nurses,

    I have a question. Do you think that nurses should carry their own malpractice insurance? I haven't had any for 3 years and am currently thinking about getting it again. What companies would you recommend? The last insurance I had was through NSO(Nurses Service Org.), the one that is advertised in the major Nursing journals. I think I paid 83 dollars for a years worth of coverage.

    Thank you for your input.

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  3. by   P_RN
    I think that it is wise to have. Mine is also with NSO and will be until I no longer have my license. Right now I don't work, not able to, but I keep it for my own peace of mind.
  4. by   CEN35
    this was a huge discussion on the boards. i have heard it both they are:

    #1 - get it because you never know ehen your going to need your butt covered. let's face it, if it's you or the hospital it's not going to be the hospital. it seems well worth the cost. (this coincidentally happens to be my theory also) right seems like a good theory to me, being dragged in and out of a deposition lately. on the downside.....i have heard lawyers say, if they know you have it they will go for it. i makes's a free $1,000,000 to make up for what they don't get somewhere else. however, at least you'll have your house.

    #2 - the hospital you wpork for is obligated to cover your butt, as an employee. you have no need for it. how much could somebody possibly get out of a nurse? the risk? they will take everything you have!

    there are por's and con's to both have to do what you think is best. i choose #1