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    At my job and in between the stuff there is a mix in between LPNs and MAs and both perform the same kind of dutties. A MA is actually the "nurse mananger". Can a MA supervise LPNs? I was reading about what a MA is and it looks like they can do as much as the LPNs, am I wrong? Do MAs need to be license to work? I work in a plastic surgery clinic in Florida. I am really confuse about the difference in between this two. Which one has the grater tittle?.
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  3. by   luvmy2angels
    MA's cannot supervise LPNs. They go through very similar training, I think LPNs may have more theory and critical thinking integrated into thier program versus the MA program.
  4. by   Mellowchick
    A "grater tittle"??? Is that something you use in the kitchen??? Ah, just kidding!

    MA's are not LPN's. MA's do not supervise LPN's. MA's are not equal to LPN's. LPN's have MUCH more training and education than MA's. LPN's have a license, MA's do not.

    I believe if you do a search you will find an inordinate number of threads on this very topic.

    Let's not beat this horse again, okay?

    Time to tuck in my tittle and head to work!
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    Yes, if you search this site, it will not take long to unearth many controversial, passionate threads about this very issue.

    In short, there are some medical assistants that are hired as office managers. They MAY be responsible for scheduling ALL staff and managing the clinic itself, but they do not supervise ANY nurse themselves clinically.