LPN to RN - Can't afford it!

  1. I would really really like to go back to school for my RN but I just can't afford it. My husband and I make too much money for me to get a pell grant. I could do tuition reimbursement at my job but I don't know if I would really want to stay there after I graduate. I don't want to do student loans, I am in enough debt already. With such a nursing shortage, why doesn't the government offer something to help LPN's go back to school? Any advice appreciated. :typing
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  3. by   SarasotaRN2b
    How much time would you have to work at your hospital if you did take the tuition reimbursement? As long as I work one year after receiving tuition reimbursement, I wouldn't have to pay anything back. I think knowing that I have a job after I get my RN is worth it. I think that if you are really wanting to become an RN, it is a sacrifice well worth it. If you don't like that hospital, is there another hospital you would like to work in?

  4. by   itsmyturn
    In Tennessee, most R.N.s have to sign a three-year contract to pay it back...I agree, well worth it to go to school. Look into other hospitals before you decide to go back to school, get situated in one that you like and treats you well and then go for it!
  5. by   PMFB-RN
    *** My cost to go LPN to RN was around $3200 at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. www.swtc.edu. Did it in two 4 month semesters. The government would be happy to pay your way as they did mine in exchange for military service. Currently the national guard and some of the reserves are offering 100% tuition payment.