LPN to RN wages

  1. What are they starting out at, if they were an LPN for maybe three years?
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  3. by   meownsmile
    There is not really any difference between a new grad scale and a new grad who was a LPN for any length of time pay scale. If any not much.
  4. by   woody436
    Well, I can tell you that where I work, new-grad LPN's are ~$17/hr, experienced ~$19/hr, exp/registry ~$22/hr (new grads are not permitted to work registry for at least a year). For RN's: new grads ~$25/hr, experienced can run from ~$27-30 depending on the nature of the exp. and registry RN's make $42/hr telemetry and $37/hr elsewhere.
  5. by   KacyLynnRN
    I was an LPN on a hospital med/surg floor for 2 years before I got my RN. As an LPN, I started out around $14/hr and I think I was making about $15.50/hr by the time I graduated with my RN. That was in 2005, and management was starting new graduate RN's off the street $19/hr. They offered me $19.25/hr. Now remember, I had been on that same floor for over 2 years! I was a little slighted by that offer, and told management so. We finally ended up with a compromise, and I started out at $19.75/hr. It still wasn't exactly what I thought I would get. The thing that really burnt me up was that since I had already been an LPN there for so long, my RN orientation was only about 4 weeks long. All the other new grads got 12+ weeks. Go figure!
  6. by   djohn12d
    what area are talking about it also depends on where you live!
  7. by   djohn12d
    what area are talking about it also depends on where you live!