LPN or Dialysis tech????

  1. Hi,
    looking into going in to dialysis. However, the local dialysis center does not recognize LPN's. I would have to be hired on as a tech. RN on staff said it would be a lot of good experience.
    I think it would be too. However, I know that the pay will probaly be low. What do you all think. New grad going on to RN soon, making decent pay with diff @ night. Avg 17.17/hr. Any advice appreciated.
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  3. by   sjoe
    Well, $17.17/hr is about the average RN pay in Florida, for example. So some people would not call it low. Others would.

    It would be good experience--at the very least you would learn whether you wanted to work in dialysis as an RN later on--and certainly better pay than working as a CNA.
  4. by   rainrn
    I agree with sjoe. It would be great experience. I worked dialysis as a RN for a while. The techs did everything RN's do except give medications, assessments, and labs. It will really help your iv skills, and help you learn how to prioritize, and many other skills. I also agree you would then know if you want to be in that area as a RN. Good luck..
  5. by   RNpupil
    I say LpN you'll find a job. What's gonna happen when theres much less patients to perform dialysis on?
  6. by   emily_mom
    I don't think you would have to worry about less patients on dialysis.
  7. by   laurako
    I say dialysis tech. LPN, been there, done that, got 11$/hour, and the nursing assistants at night made more than me. But do get your RN, it is worth it. Worth all the work I went through.
  8. by   Newbee
    Hi Bambi!! Am currently an LPN-C working dialysis and patient care unit-I enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere of dialysis and relationship with my patients-but prefer the more hectic and varied routine of the floor-same pay,can't give meds,other than heparin,so my skills are better utilized on med/surg..Lots of great things to learn in dialysis--good luck on the certification exam....
  9. by   BBFRN
    As a Med/Surg LPN, I say RUN to dialysis! Don't even stop to look over your shoulder! Run, Bambi, Run!!!
  10. by   Bambi
    Hi all,
    I will really consider your advice. Finding someone who will hire me at a decent rate is going to be the biggest obstacle. I am not doing so bad @ my PRN rate in the LTC facility I work in now. At this point I could pick up full time on PRN pay.
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  11. by   indianamomx2
    I worked for a dialysis center in Indiana, they do hire LPN's, my freind and I went together she was an LPN who worked at LTC and got her dialysis tech certification with me. Of course this was in Indiana where are you:?
  12. by   Bambi
    I am in Colorado. I've already asked, and I was told they don't acknowledge LPN's, only RN's. They would probaly hire me, but I would be paid the same as a tech from what I gather.
  13. by   cpgrn
    My oldest daughter is a DON at a dialysis center in MO. She loves it. If this is what you want to do - do it! If you get with a large enough center, they may even have tuition incentives to get your RN. Good luck.