lpn course how long did it take.

  1. How long did it take those of you are did or are doing lpn to get through. including pre reqs.
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  3. by   JulieW

    I went to a private school instead of a community college and it was 18 months long. The prereqs were incorporated into the program.

    Most community colleges are 3 semesters and that doesn't include 1 or 2 semesters of prereqs.

  4. by   tujague
    I went to a vo-tech school in Pennsylvania that was 12 months long. We only had a few days break in the summer, and for Christmas, that's it. We did all our courses there and no pre reqs required. I think I learned more in 12, then most do in the 18 month programs. You have to make sure the school gives you enough hospital experience and just learn as much as you can. Why not just go for your RN, You'll want it after you become and LPN, trust me!!!!!!!!

    J. Morgan LPN
  5. by   alyciaboo
    i started out as an lpn. took the course through a vocational school for 1 year w/ one month off in august. now i have my rn and am glad i do. though having your lpn is not a great advantage if you plan on persuing your rn. the time it took to finish my rn course was actually the same lenght w/ or w/out my lpn, even though i challenged out of the first year. the prereqs for the lpn do not always carry over for the rn course. as an lpn (here in nj) it was difficult to find a job in an area that i wanted- at a hospital- since the push for a "real nurse" (from the tv ads to "ask for an rn", of which i did find offensive and not saying lpn is not) was what most of the hospitals in my area were looking for. i worked in a nursing home and found my scope of practice to be limited. go for the rn, you might as well.
  6. by   mommy4two20
    [b]how Long Does It Take To Get A Lpn Drgree In Oregon? What Are All The Requierments To Start School To Become A Lpn Or Rn?
  7. by   Faeriewand
    In my area it takes from start to finish 5 years to get your RN thru the community college with pre-reqs and waiting one year (or longer) to start NS (which is 2 years) while taking other classes to finish your AS degree.

    LVN course thru ROP is three semesters with summers off and two semesters of pre-req's so that 2 1/2 years from start to finish. You have to be a licensed CNA to start the LVN program so those are the pre-req's

    Then LVN to RN program is three pre-req science courses(one year) and then waiting one year to do the program which is one year in length. So that's three years and then of course all the courses you take to get your associates as well.

    Its no wonder we don't have more nurses. People get discouraged! :uhoh21:
  8. by   Jessy_RN
    This thread is extemely old.
  9. by   flashpoint
    The thread may be old, but someone obviously wants to talk about it again.

    My program took 11 months and 11 days. However...I CLEPed out of all of my pre-reqs, so that saved me a whole semester...