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Hello, I read that an RN can not work as a CNA due to the fact that they know more and it would be hard for them to not work outside the bounds of a CNA which is against the CNA policy or... Read More

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    Hmmm...as I pour through all his posts...I think I may have inadvertantly fed a troll...I shall now tie my self to a tree and pour honey all over me and await my fate!
  2. by   AuntieRN
    ok...first...here in SC anyways and I know MA when I lived there....RNs/LPNs can and do work as CNAs for different reasons. First if the hospital is short of CNAs and have too many RN's/LPN's scheduled the RN will fill in.....when I graduated I worked at the hospital as a Tech (same thing as CNA only nursing student or graduate nurse without license)...until I passed my boards...then I still continued to work another 3 weeks until orientation started....I only got paid $1.00 an hour less between when I graduated and when I passed my boards.
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    thank you!!! i'm glad someone finally said it! i tried to be kind and tactful when answering another post of his with yet another question that could have been answered with a google or a search done here..

    a troll? or perhaps lazy... who knows.. it seems there are a lot of wanna be nurses that come on this site with very generalized questions that are better answered by a college counselor. and if they ever bothered to look at some older posts they could probably answer their own questions.

    i'm so impressed at times by the patience of some of the nurses on this site. i just don't have it after working all day and seeing the billionth post of "what classes should i take now before starting my nursing program" and "what kind of personality does it take to become a nurse" :smackingf ... i swear i'm not a meanie and love to help but just take a look first!!! the general stuff is here!!!!

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    Quote from jimthorp
    anyone notice the strange questions and responses throughout the board by this poster? i'm quite suspicious.

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    i agree. in my other post i spoke about general questions but these posts and questions are just weird!!!