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Hello all! I did a search on this BB about Lovenox and it has been discussed that you do not expel the air bubble in the syringe, so now I'd like to know about the injection site. The drug guide... Read More

  1. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from mom and nurse
    Thanks SRN1 and earle58. I was used to the needle going through a little more flesh and it was kind of an unnerving experience.

    And SRN1...thanks....I'm enjoying that period between passing the NCLEX and my first day of work.....

    way to go mom rn....

  2. by   pie123
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    I was told when I first started giving it to inject it about 2 inches below the navel or to either side of that. That's where I've been giving it since. Maybe I need to look into it somemore?
    I was taught the same way as you.
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  3. by   oramar
    Our hospital formulary no longer carries Lovenox. If a doctor writes for it the pharmacy calls him/her and get permission to change to Fragmin(dalteparin). It is given the same way, mostly a belly sq deep injection after pinching the skin. It is only a once a day injection as opposed to the usual two a day for Lovenox. Both drugs are low molecular weight heparins.