Love in the OR - page 3

I recently entered into an intense relationship at work with an anesthetist I have worked with for 3 years. We have always been close, and have worked together as partners, so we thought no one... Read More

  1. by   CMERN
    Ha .. I was in love with a MArried guy once too ... had 4 children with him He was married...2 ME!!! but not if you asked around where he worked or played golf ...or partied and danced every weekend... Lets just say what goes around , goes around again....and vengence was no part of my valor..I have just watched WHAT go and come... I am blessed and HE? well he gets mercy... SHE (the other) has had a horrible and shallow existance.... Beware.. it is a no WIN situation for the "other" woman. Be your own woman.. be rid of him.