lost vision from contact lenses

  1. A coworker of mines cousin who frequently came to visit us at out job recently lost her vision due to contact lenses. Apparently you can now buy contact lenses (non prescription) at the local beauty supply stores and these young girls are buying them and changing there eye color daily and it has taken this young womans (27yo) vision. This is a beautiful young lady who did modeling on the side. Her family has taken her to see a specialist in another state and they have told her there is nothing they can do. She said prior to the day she lost her vision she was having a headache and she said her vision was a little blurry. She thought it was just due to the sun and not having on her shades. The next morning she woke up and she could not see at all. I feel so bad for this young woman but why would you buy contacts at the same place you buy hairspray and gel and think they were ok. They're not even made by any type of reputable optical company??? I've been a contact wearer (prescription) for almost 15 years and have never had any problems thank god. I wanted to pass this on so that if there are any parents out there whose children or even friends are wearing these non prescription contacts and getting them from any place other than an opticall store they can be BEWARE!!!
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  3. by   renerian
    Wow scarey. I wear glasses/contacts.

  4. by   AndyLyn
    I wonder what it was about the contacts that ruined her eyes? Did it scratch her cornea or something? I hope it's just temporary. What an awful thing.
  5. by   jemb
    There was something on one of those Dateline or 20/20 type programs about this several months ago. They were spotlighting the "designer eyes". some of which have different shapes (pupils shaped like stars, etc.) as well as different colors. If I am remembering correctly, they are a generic size which can damage eyes, and are not regulated by the FDA so the material itself could be something that could cause damage from contact with the surface of the eyeball. It is also possible to get infections from poorly fitting contacts causing microscopic scratches.

    I can't quite imagine how she could completely lose her vision in both eyes without more warning than a headache the day before.

    I've worn contacts since -- well, I think the wheel was already invented , and I can feel any little dust particle under or on them. One time my cornea became blistered from a chemical that aerosolized and permeated the lens. It hurt like mad, but even with that I didn't go blind!
  6. by   flowerchild
    jemb, I saw that show too. I'm surprised that they are still selling them.