Looking for a Poem

  1. It is called The Significance of Pinning. If ayone has a copy or knows where there is a copy on line please let me know.
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  3. by   disher
    I don't know of "the significance of pinning poem" but if you are looking for a nurse's graduation poem there are lots available online for example

    "Nurse's Wish" (author unknown)

    To be a nurse requires dedication,
    With years of study and preparation.
    I pray for guidance and humbly ask,
    That I will do well with this chosen task.
    When illness strikes or pain demands,
    And a life is placed within my hands,
    Give me compassion, knowledge and skill
    To do the things that comfort and heal.
    Suffering makes patients' fears grow worse
    They seek reassurance from this nurse.
    Help me see things from their point of view
    And always to know what is best to do.
    May I have a part, in some small way,
    In restoring good health to someone today.
    Let my work be all that I want it to be...
  4. by   Jay-Jay
    One of our members quotes a poem in her signature: "Go, by the mysteries of life and death now stand..." Is that the one you're wanting? I wouldn't mind having that whole poem myself!
  5. by   CCU NRS
    Thanks Guys I finally found it