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  1. Hello- I need some advice about finding a job. I graduate in May and I'm looking to find a job somewhere besides where I am (NY) such as Boston or California. I have no idea how to go about doing this without physically being there. Is there a good recruitment website that's trustworthy? Is there a good way to do this? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
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  3. by   bargainhound
    Agencies have websites.

    Hospitals have websites.

    Either of these would be safe.

    There are search engines (monster.com, ets) to find jobs and then
    you could go to the hospital or agency website to find out more
    info and be safer in posting your info.
  4. by   bargainhound
    States also have websites that refer you to state employers.

    You can also read online newspaper classifieds from local papers.
    You can find these with online search.

    Another thing you can do is go to agency or hospital locally
    that has offices/facilities in states you are looking at moving to.
    They can process your info and be glad to refer you to the
    other state and it would simplify for everyone.

    I have personally also traveled for interviews prior to deciding
    to move a few times, but that is not necessary for all jobs.
    I mainly did it for my own peace of mind......actually seeing
    the facility and meeting the people..........
  5. by   nuangel1
    just for fyi on the mass. forum the new grads are saying they are having a really hard time finding a position in boston.thats downtown i don't know whats it like in boston suburbs.
  6. by   bargainhound
    I guess one of the first things you need to do is decide which state
    you want to move to..........think about everything from cost of
    living (food, houseing costs, utility rates,etc) to weather you prefer,
    etc. Make a pros and cons list about everything.........be very
    careful in your decision and give yourself time to change your mind.
  7. by   JBudd
    I sent resumes to the ads in areas I liked, from their ads in nursing magazines. I only applied to places that had nearby downhill skiing.

    When we moved for my husband to go back to school, I looked at all the hospitals in the area, went in with my specific needs and a resume in hand, found the job I liked and got it. When he was done, my old hospital asked me to come back (the one I'd found out of the Nursing 84 magazine).

    So, what do you like to do outside of work? where is that possible and affordable? Search for work near those areas. Good luck!
  8. by   Elephant Shoe
    Try ;


    they have posting for all over. I found it handy.
  9. by   jannrn
    I found my current job on the hospital website. Sometimes it can take a while going through the channels from there, so when I did it this time I also showed up on the unit and said "hello" to the nurse manager. But you could get a head start on the websites first and see who gets back to you!

    Here is my hospital system that has quite a few hospitals throughout Northern and Central California: www.sutterhealth.org and you can browse locations and jobs.

    the other system I worked at in Portland, OR is www.legacyhealth.org and they have 5 hospitals in that area.

    good luck!