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If anyone cares to chat I am heading there now !!! Cya there !!!!!! :smokin:... Read More

    Good morning
  2. by   marcopolo59
    how do I get to the chat room?
  3. by   muffie
  4. by   muffie
    its too quiet come on down
  5. by   brendamyheart
    Quote from dria
    hanging out in the chat room...kind of lonely here by myself....come join me!!!!!
    it is 6-8 07 having a blast in the chat room. come visit us
  6. by   brendamyheart
    Cate room open. Come one come all
  7. by   brendamyheart
    Chat room open. Come one come all
  8. by   muffie
    why hello martian nurse
  9. by   baby04ever
    hello i have something to ask,im already a graduate of nurse but still not taking any board exam cause im in the philppines and im confuse if i have to take the board of our contry or just take nclex instead but i dont know how?please need ur advised thanks.
  10. by   muffie
    bump yah whatever yayayayaya
  11. by   zuzi
    I really would but I could not see chat screen from here! Kisses!
  12. by   brendamyheart
    Chatters, we are now here in the chat room for fun and business.:spin:
  13. by   brendamyheart
    Chat room open. Please join us.