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  1. Hi, Does anyone ever go into the Live Chat Room on this site or any Nurse site?
    Thanks & I Hope to chat with you all soon!
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  3. by   l.rae
    Not very often,,,I'm a solw typer, a bad speller, I don;t know why but I always feel a little intimadated with chats...LR
  4. by   gypsigirl
    I've been several times but no one is ever there.....I would really like to chat live and ask questions as I am a student but no ones ever there.
  5. by   nursemicke
    last time I went there were two guys on. I don't think they found this granny RN much fun. Keep trying you will find people on. Have fun! It is good for you. Tell people on this discussion you would like to chat at a certain time and they will be there.
    What would be good is if allnurses could give us a sign any sign that someone is chatting. Maybe have "Live Chat" change color when chat is ongoing or moving lips next to it. Everybody ask them if they can do something like that.
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  6. by   MarnnaRN
    I've tried before and there isn't ever anyone there.
  7. by   jevans
    would love to chat sometime just let me know when you are there
  8. by   Mary Dover
    A few of us were there last night around 9pm eastern dst. Had a blast! You just have to kind of check in from time to time. Don't give up please, WE HAVE FUN!
  9. by   sleepqd
    know what you mean.. I type using the Biblical method ( seek and ye shall find)
  10. by   rodz1
    im a new member of this site it.s pretty cool from what i have seen and will be on the live chat at some point im sure nice talking to you c ya :roll
  11. by   emtjena
    Thank you all for responding, I hope to chat with yas soon!