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just curious... Since RNs are one of the top-paid professionals nowadays :) what's the most popular credit card used by nurses? How did the license change your way of living?... Read More

  1. by   yummo
    Im looking for credit cards now too, I have been working a week so far and want to get a credit card. I have one with my parents but now that I am making my first paycheck, I can only use thiers for groceries and dry cleaning and things for them (I help out a lot since my mom is disabled). But now I have my own job finally and want to have my finances in order.
    I get what you all are saying about credit cards being bad, but I also need to BUILD credit so I can tink about buying a house one day and all that type of stuff.
    Im looking at an ANA credit card, RN magazine Mastercard, or one through my bank at Wachovia to keep all my money in one place.. I have a checking account that my paycheck goes into, but I also want to set up a savings account. Although after my first 90 days or something my hospital will have some sort of matching program on savings.