Life Wings aka Crew Resource Management

  1. Has anybody had this implemented in their hospital/unit? If so, did the doctors get on board and participate, change their behaviors? Did the nurses and techs use it? Did it indeed lower sentinel events, med errors, wrong surgeries etc etc etc???

    Our unit is the test bunny unit for this program and I'm curious how it has worked for others. Just had our first four hour lesson today. It SOUNDS good, but I'm curious to know if it works.
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  3. by   ebear
    I don't know...sounds like another committee of BS to me. While I very well understand the extreme importance of patient safety, by the time we finish with Six Sigma, Press Ganey, and all the other survey/studies, when does one actually have time to deal with the patient??? The paralysis of analysis sometimes prevents taking care of the patient at all.
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    Thank you Karen. I am also a flight attendant and can really relate to the CRMs and how it directly relates to any field that requires communication within a team of specialists, particularly in crisis situations where outcomes rely on practiced policies and critical thinking.
  6. by   CRNA2BKY
    I am an airline pilot changing careers, with a goal of becoming a CRNA. I can also relate to CRM as we've been doing it for years in the aviation industry. It definetly is worthwhile for people to learn how to work well together as a team, and that each member of the team is very valuable. I think CRM can be used in many situations/applications/industries, not just aviation.