License Scope of Practice

  1. Ok..i am not currently a nurse. I do have a question about license though.
    If a nurse gets a license in one state...and transfers it to a different state...what if the new state has a different scope of practice? Either allowing more duties or less duties?
    Will the new state inform her?
    I guess I am thinking about LPN's when i ask this. Some states allow LPNs to do more duties than other states will.
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  3. by   Jolie
    You are responsible for knowing your scope of practice in any state in which you are licensed. Upon obtaining your license in a new state, request a copy of the Nurse Practice Act, and clarify any questions you may have with the state Board of Nursing. You are correct that the scope of practice of an LPN/LVN varies quite a bit from state to state, and you are wise to investigate these differences ahead of time!
  4. by   sirI
    Hello, pat8585,

    That is a good question. For the most part, the basic tenets are virtually the same in each state.

    That being said, you will be held accountable in the state in which you practice. You may learn how to do something in your nursing program in one state and allowed to practice in the manner in which you were educated in that state, but in another state, this may not be the case.

    And, as Jolie stated, as for being apprised of the SOP in the state where you will work, it is up to you to be familiar with that state's SOP.
  5. by   ZASHAGALKA
    I might add that I believe that every state has a copy of their scope of practice and NPA on their website.

    And most states have detailed position statements that discuss the difference in roles between RN and LVN/LPN.