Legal Nurse Consultants

  1. I am starting school in October to become a Legal Nurse Consultant. Anyone out there a LNC, does anyone have any experience with them? I really hope I am not making a bad decision here. I really love law---and nursing---why not combine them? any thoughts?
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  3. by   huckfinn
    The only things I have heard is that it pays well and that your personal expertise (sp?) and qualifications are always subject to attack. The point is to discredit. That scared me away from pursuing this path.
  4. by   penem10
    huckfinn, I suppose you are referring to a expert witness, you do not have to do expert witness, you can only do behind the scenes work. Medical record review and such.
    radnurse2001, there is a specific thread for LNC, find it on this home page, love to have you join in. I too am studying to become a LNC through Kaplan College, Love to talk, we also don't live too far away from each other, I am from Western NY.
  5. by   Super_RN
    I have recently began to look into this. I am finishing my BSN first (I have my ASN) and I would love to try it. I'll have to look up the thread / forum mentioned.
  6. by   sirI
    Ya'll should start another thread for this one is going on 5 years old.
  7. by   Super_RN
    Quote from siri
    Ya'll should start another thread for this one is going on 5 years old.
    Haha! I hadn't even looked yet. Thanks :0