Law of Attraction in my life.

  1. A bit of encouragement.

    To all struggling nurses, student nurses, students of any science or art. To all people that have a dream.

    I want to testify to the efficacy of the law of attraction. You don't have to be of a particular religion to believe in the magic and power of your mind.

    I originally wrote a lengthy story on how this tool has been a blessing in my life. But I will keep it short and give two recent examples.

    I work at a teaching hospital level 1 trauma and we have residents from IM, anesthesia, and FM rotate through our unit. We also take care of cardiac patients and so we also have HF fellows, cardiology fellows etc.

    There was one anesthesia resident that has rotated through our unit that I got along with quite well. I NEVER asked her personally for a letter of recommendation for CRNA school.

    But I envisioned it for several nights. Seeing the letter in my inbox. She knew of my aspirations to become a CRNA and joked about how one day she may end up being my preceptor.

    For several nights I envisioned the email. The way I would feel receiving the email. Today I got that email. Soon she will be chief resident, and that really means a lot. She added that once the time approaches she will edit, modify, and change the date for me. Also providing me her cell-phone number.

    I never asked her, but I did ask the universe. I TOLD the universe this is what will be! So what's next? Envisioning an acceptance letter into CRNA school?

    My second example is with my personal struggle with weight. Mostly because of poor choices I've made. My visions here are of my clothes fitting looser and looser to the point of inhibiting functionality.

    It's a little silly but I would envision my pants falling off my waist. My shirts reaching my knees.

    and slowly that's begun to happen and now I am forced with buying new scrubs because literally no matter how hard I tie them, they fall and have to keep pulling them up.

    Embrace the power of your mind. Sucky co-workers? Getting bad grades? Toxic people in your life? All this can change, and by believing that it already is as opposed to hoping, it will become.

    No dream is too big, the world is yours.
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  3. by   momrn94
    Interesting. I have also been reading up on this topic.
  4. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I keep envisioning my pants falling off, but no such luck yet. :|