Latex allergies??

  1. I suspected this before but today I think I confirmed it. Anyone out there can contribute some advice? I was fine when I went to work this morning. I do remember having a glove on and I pressed the back of my wrist to my eyebrow. An hour later it felt stingy. Then tight. Soaked the area with a cool cloth and applied a tiny dab of zinc oxide (some heavy duty cream that was nearby). It didn't take long till my face was bright red and eye area swollen and warm. Doc took some blood to test for latex allergy. It is still itchy, warm and red tonight. I remember a few months ago I woke up with a burnt red/crisp area above one eye and then it spread some. I told my doc too that for the last year I've been unable to heal the skin on two of my right fingers. They always start to peel. Does this sound like a latex allergy to anyone and what would relieve it. I did take an antihistamine but no result so far.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    boy the solution everywhere would be to be LATEX free. glad where I work, we are. It is best for our patients and for US!!!! try to use NON latex gloves/products whereever you can esp if you have confirmed latex allergy. It is crucial to your health and well-being.
  4. by   altomga
    The employee's at my hospital can go to our employee health to have the allergy documented and then that way the floor must keep latex-free supplies (gloves, special soaps, etc) on the floor at all times!
  5. by   HoustonRN
    Sounds like Latex allergy to me. (Latex allergies can also be associated with allergies to bananas, chestnuts (?water chestnuts), avocado, and mango, so watch out when you eat those foods)

    The ADA requires that your employer accomodate your disability- i.e. give you non-latex gloves. You need to minimize your exposure to latex or the allergy could get much worse. Don't forget about non-medical latex i.e. garden hoses, bicycle tires, elastic in your underwear, some bandaids, etc. You may also want to ask your doctor for an epi pen just in case.

    Been there, done that
  6. by   disher
    I was diagnosed with latex allergy 15years ago, avoiding contact has been the only way for me to continue nursing. Talk to your occupational health nurse, fill out an incident report, get referred to an allergist, etc.
    Educating yourself is the best protection from accidental exposure in the future. There is a wealth of information available . One article available through nursing provides an overview and a link to latex allergy website with a huge number of articles. Check it out if you are interested in more info.
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  7. by   nowplayingEDRN
    It does indeed sound like a latex allergy, JellyBean. And most places that I know of today have switched over to latex free because of so many latex allergies in patients and staff. Some of the healing problems on your hands may be from the powder used in the latex gloves but if you break out from having it touched to your face, then I would put my money on the allergy.

    Funny, thing is....I am allergic to the non-latex gloves that we use at my hospital. My hands get all itchy and swell and my eyes burn and itch and water. They had to order latex exam gloves for me and I have to be extra careful about checking allergies. There is one brand of non latex that I can use but they are so very expensive that they bought one box for me and I have to put them under lock and key to use for patients with latex sensitivities/allergies. But then, I never laid claim to being normal.....hahahahahaha

    Disher is correct in saying that your employer has to make allowance for your allergy as it is considered a disability and they are required by OSHA to provide for adequet personal protective equipment for you that is latex free.

    I wish you the best in resolving your allergy.

  8. by   JellyBean1
    I wonder why it is mainly the area around my eyes that bothers me. It is on the lid, within the lower lashes and under the brow bone. My lids are looking real dark and I still have that dark red line running just above my upper lashes. It just stings, and I get this "spot" itch. My eyes are not red and do not water. I have had a blood test sent for latex allergy. I may head back to the skin doc and get him to do the scratch allergy test. The patch tests showed nothing.
  9. by   Jvilleredhead
    Our facility has also switched over to latex free gloves everywhere. I think its great for those who suffer...but there are many other latex products we use.

    Just for the record...the gloves don't fit as well.. hehehe