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I am relatively new here but from what I have read so far I like this site. However, I see a lack of support from one nurse to another. In the hospital the doctors are bad enough to work with but... Read More

  1. by   tracib
    Well, here I am....a "senior" nurse (after being on this merry-go-round for >20 years). I sort of resent the above comment about "senior nurses getting *****y"....the implication that it starts with us. Hmmmm. Maybe the young are eating the old here.

    Seriously, I do find that we tend to eat our young, but I have made it a crusade for a long time to help and nurture the younger (or less experienced) nurses as much as I can. They are the ones that will care for me when I end up old and sick.

    And, whether they stay with the institution or move on, I like to think I made a diffence in their lives.
  2. by   pebbles
    tracib, if it doesn't start with us, who does it start with? Who teaches the newbies how to conduct themselves in this profession? I didn't mean to lay blame, but just point out that sometimes new staff are not only not supported, but actively shot down - whether us senior staff realize what is going on or not! Too often, egos get in the way, I think.

    I'm glad you make it a point to nurture new staff - we need more people like you to welcome those who are the future of this profession. I think those of us that are already working also need to encourage the idea of teaching and nurturing the newbies within our own more experienced groups... it IS a skill to mentor someone, and a skill which must be learned and reinforced.
  3. by   tracib
    You make a good point about ego getting in the way. It does seem to be a major factor in the medical profession - whether you are talking nurses or doctors!

    I also think that the push for "productivity" these days takes away the motivation to take the time to nurture our coworkers. It seems that the whole emphasis (corporately, that is) is on how quickly we can accomplish tasks. Be it turn over time or length of stay, I know many of us feel backed into a corner to cut out the "niceties" and just do the minimum so we can move 'em in and move 'em out....and courtesy to each other (let alone nurturing and teaching) seem to fall by the wayside.
  4. by   aussie oi oi oi
    Do nurses still eat their young, well yes and no I guess. As a new graduate a few years ago, I hated being introduced as the new grad, I found I still get the stories about in my day when I trained............. I still hate those immortal words, however, I found regardless of how or when you trained we are still all nurses. I have had situations where I have had my harshest comments come from other new grads while I have found the more expereinced nurses can be a combination of both. I think there will always be this differences of opinion between hospital trained and uni trained nurses, but at the end of the day, we are all there to do the same job regardless of how we got there.

    I love talking to the more 'cultured' nurses, as some of the not so recent practices are still worth it. The experience that these people can offer is invaluable. Some of my best friends trained more than 20 years ago ( including my mother, and she used to be my loudest, well girl when I trained.......... here we go ok mum tell me about when you trained and about what is wrong with new grads today, I am in trouble if my mother finds this website, she will have me on toast). However, I have found generally support you but this relies on how you treat them, and how you respond to them. Nursing is after all a 24 hr job and I have found that if you give the impression that you want to work as a team, and pull your weight, and look after your co workers then people will support you. We all know the stories of a certain nurses being on duty and you know that she/he will not lift a finger to help you, while others you could easily be stranded on a desert island with. If you see that a co worker has a heavy load even making a bed can help. People remember those who help you you when you are busy and those that don't and you never know when you are going to need a favour. At the end of the day nursing is teamwork, and it is one profession where you can't lock yourself away from your colleagues, If all else fails remember your colleagues may be looking after you one day and you don't want to give them revenge material!!!!!!

    As one nearly ready to retire nurse put it, unless new grads come out of the ranks, who is going to take the place of the nurses that are retiring. It is well known that there are more nurses leaving the profession than those that are choosing to enter into it. As nurses we should encourage young adults to follow in our foots steps but it can be difficult when you know the struggles that they face. I am pleased to be a part of this profession and it is my prayer that all nurses recognise when they are being less than supportive and at this point pick up those who are struggling, it is amazing what a difference it can make to someone when you are having a bad day and a colleague tells you what a good job you are doing, if they could bottle it they would make a mint............
  5. by   night owl
    i'm a senior nurse and i don't consider myself .....y. when i can't do the work anymore, that's when i'll become .....y. so far, so good. the nurses i work with are very supportive of each other. i had to work days for two days to attend a couple of mandatory classes, and the day nurses were was like a big competition...who can out-do who. i couldn't stand it and i couldn't believe the lack of support. i'll never work days!!!
  6. by   micro
    sorry if offended anyone................
    no most nurses don't just .......y, but it does happen.......and great for you and your unit if it doesn't occur..........
    there is such a difference among nurses that believe in teamwork, patient centered care and professionalism.........than the high school high jinks.........that can occur.........
    many factors here.......but again apologies and many feelings intended to be hurst........just discoursing on the subject.........

    hey Renee, wassup!!!!!
  7. by   crazedredhead
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by victoreia
    [B]I am relatively new here but from what I have read so far I like this site. However, I see a lack of support from one nurse to another. In the hospital the doctors are bad enough to work with but when you have no support from other nurses it can make a job you might have onced love pure he^%. Do any of you feel there is a lack of support from other nurses and if so what kind of problems do you think this causes? any suggestions for solutions? Your input would be appreciated.
  8. by   live4today
    The lack of support among nurses in the work place today -- as well as in other career fields -- was created by the Baby Boomers of yesteryear! Yes, I'm afraid that the kids we are having to work with today are the 'experimental kids' birthed by the Baby Boomers who taught them -- BY OUR ACTIONS -- that if they didn't eat each other, they would be eaten. These 'kids' are now the product of our own doing! People's attitudes towards life and work today did not begin on our jobs as nurses, but began from the cradle on up loooonnnngggg before we even got to college. The Baby Boomers spit out those eager beavers and threw them to the wolves to be raised by childcare institutions so they could 'provide the finer things in life for those little rugrats'. Why??? Because we were trying to instill in our little rugrats that TIMES HAD CHANGED and they were going to be the ones inheriting the AFTER AFFECTS of everything we -- the parents -- worked hard to put into law. Today, we can sit back and watch what we created. These 'kids' are now the employees that we Baby Boomers have to work alongside mouths and all! Can't blame the 'kids'. They were ours to mold and shape with manners so that one day when they left our nest to establish their own place in the world, they would be able to offer the world -- WHAT??? :stone

    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRODUCE FOR ONE DAY YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE TO 'EAT' IT -- OR SHOULD I SAY, WORK WITH THEM!!! :chuckle :roll :chuckle And by all the 'this versus that' threads going on on this BB, I'd say we are all "too full to pop"! :chuckle
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  9. by   DougD1
    Can be Very true, or not. Depends on the personalities involved, and I hate to say it, the "Cattiness" factor. Wish we as nurses could stick together and take care of our "Young." Seen too many instances where the young were eaten to satisfy the "Totem pole."
  10. by   micro
    wasn't my doing!!!!!
    but that is my tongue in cheek response

    actually renee, gotta agree pretty good take on situation.............

    lol micro
  11. by   mccracmd
    As a nursing student fixing to graduate, I can tell you from my experience that nurses are a breed that eat their own young. Don't get me wrong, I have had some wonderful preceptors but a lot weren't simply because they don't want to take the time. I work and know nursing is a busy profession but are we too busy to teach those who may one day care for us or our parents.
  12. by   judy ann
    Nurses not only eat their young, but each other. I have said I would love to return to the nursing that I knew 10-15-20 Years ago when nurses respected each other. Sure we stood up and gave The Doctor our chair, but we helped each other, and we liked each other. Today we no longer help each other, and we no longer give the doc our chair, but it is a great competition to make the other guy look bad so that "I "can look that much better. If I give a compliment to a co-worker, she feels that i'm setting her up for something and is on her guard! I don't backbite, but, Boy, have I been backbitten! I'd almost rather work with a roomful of surgeons and cardiologists than some of the average nurses I know. And, as all of us know, that is no compliment to either group! And yet, I still love nursing. Figure that.
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  13. by   hooverrn
    Well I finally found the place I was looking for, and wil put my 2 cents in. I find that nurses do not support each other. Instead there is the rumor mill that can get quite mean. I have seen staff's, no clicks that were so mean that people would get fired over the mean things said and some times done.