Kosher Maalox and cough syrup?

  1. this question is not intended to be prejudice. i am not that kind of person at all. but there is a kosher maalox and cough syrup to be sold to the public. how are they different from the reuglar one?
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  3. by   tracytoon
    It's a dietary and sterilization issue. They usually aren't concerned with prescription meds because of the lifesaving necessity...but kosher OTC meds can't contain dairy or animal products such as gelatin, for example. The manufacturer is inspected for ingredients and sterilization by the organization who certifies stuff as kosher. (Sorry, can't recall the name of this entity). I suppose it has grown out of a demand by those who practice a strict observance of kosher dietary laws.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Pretty much what I thought. I also thought it had to be blessed or prayed over by a Rabbi or member of a rabbinical council.

    I might have got it mixed up with hallal regulations of food though.
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    Quite a few vegaterians also eat kosher. It comes down to a lack of animal products in the medicine. There are actually quite a few Kosher meds out there. This trend of Kosher OTC meds is just to extend the availibilty of meds to the 15-20 million people who use Kosher products.