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  1. Hi all, introducing myself. I'm curently doing my Bachelor of Nursing degree at UNITEC, in Auckland New Zealand, half way through my second year. (18 months to go, whew!).

    Been reading some of the discussions on the board. Interesting to note that nurses are so superstitious or is that only in the northern hemisphere? I've only done two hospital rotations so far for clinical practice training, and I've not yet come across any or heard any mention them. I'm oblivious to the "Q" word but reading all the threads I'm guessing at it.

    My reason for entering is, this is part of an assignment for a paper titled Information Systems in Nursing. We are required to identify a topic associated with the use of contemporary computerised technologies in nursing and the implications of this for nursing. Some of the topics are: Nursing informatics, Nursing discussion groups, Health online, Computerised patient records (and the ethics legalities of these), Virtual nursing and heaps heaps more. Any info anyone can give will be much appreciated.

    Happy days
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  3. by   P_RN
    Hi and welcome. There is an informatics forum here BUT it's not busy as this one. The moderator is RNformatics and I have sent a message to check this forum for your post.

    I believe when you get a little further into it you will find a LOT of world wide superstitions!

    I chat with an Aussie nurse from S. Australia and she assures me they also never speak the "q" word...... As in "All's Q***t on the Western Front."

    Keep reading and join in any time you want.

    Again welcome.
  4. by   BadBird

    Okay, I'll say it because I am off tonight, the "Q" word means having a quiet night or day. Oh god I just jinxed the unit. The more years experience you have the more superstitions you will hear or develop, new grads are too busy just keeping their heads above water.
  5. by   debbyed
    I think you'll find a friendly home here. By the way the "S" work is slow as in slow night, The "C" work is Code (I can say these cause I'm on vacation
  6. by   P_RN
    Speaking of the "c" word. Has anyone else reached for their beeper or had a heart sinking feeling in K-Mart when they announce Code-10* to the ____ department?

    * cleanup or mop
  7. by   Tania M
    Thanks for the welcome and replies. Well I guessed the "Q" word right, and have to admit I haven't seen many of those yet, probably cos I'm too busy learning. I have just checked out the nursing informatics forum, looks like that's where I need to be for now, lots of interesting stuff for me to look up. I can always come back here for nursing goss'.

    Cheers and happy days
  8. by   JenMarie
    HI Tania

    I just wanted to reply coz it is nice to see some other kiwis writing on this board. I live in Hamilton and work at Waikato Hosp....just started a new job there after a bit of a break away from nursing (I became disillusioned at the health system in this country and tried to do something else for awhile, but it did not work out).

    However I have come to the conclusion that I may as well keep nursing as I am told I am good at it.

    I went to AIT and worked at auck Hosp for a while too, before I found that living in Auckland was too busy for me. I now work in paeds and love it.

    Hope the last few weeks of the course go well for you. Let me know how you get on.
  9. by   KIWIRN
    Hey there, it's nice to see more and more kiwi's joining the forum, i spent quite a lot of time just reading before i joined and this is a great area to find out all sorts of nursing questions and answers, i have told a few of my workmates about this site and they often drop by for a read too. (although I don't think they join in)

    It seems nurses act the same where ever in the world you are.
    I'm in the South Island and I know for sure most of the nursing superstitions mentioned on "that" discussion exist down here epecially "Q" word, some abbreviations vary from our American friends, but as you probably found out you can usually work them out.
    Good luck for your future study.