just whining

  1. Had a mandatory nurses meeting yesterday..the DON reamed all of us new behinds...had one lovely 30 year veteran nurse in tears and the rest of us feeling like the scum of the earth...95% of all the things she had to say related to one specific nurse who was very defensive and is now not talking to anyone else...hard to handle when you try to do the best you can but evidently none of us do anything right...lots of stupid things, like having to call the pharmacy after hours for needed supplies...paperwork... I don't know...just needed to vent a little...feelin' low
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  3. by   BadBird
    Why do you put up with it? Don't you know there is a shortage of nurses, action works, get another job where you will be appreciated.
  4. by   night owl
    Why is it that when one person makes mistakes it's taken out on the rest of us??? They should have had a meeting with her. Why involve everyone else? I keep telling myself, "It has nothing to do with you so be cool about it." Try to not let it get you down. The other nurse was defensive because she knew that she was wrong. Keep your chin up.
    I can remember when each shift used to look out for each other. If the day shift knew there would be a shortage of insulin for the afternoon and night shifts, they would get it for us because they knew it would be hard to get at 3am. Not anymore. Now it's dog eat dog. If they don't have it, oh well, let them get it themselves somehow. Real caring people...If they can't care for their own, how can they care for their patients/residents?
    It goes on all over the place. You just have to harden your heart I guess and do your job the best that you know how. Don't let others stupidity throw you off.
    I usually find this kind of stuff when the "big guys" are coming for inspection. You're doing a great job and remember that! {{{pat on the back}}}
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    Maybe that DON had a bad day, or, maybe the old experssion "peristalsis rolls down hill." Maybe that DON was reamed by her management. People can not always have a pretty face, right? Driving a person to tears is pretty serious. I'm trying to imagine a lymbic system under such circumstances, where it would initiate this response. Emotions in motion :-0
  6. by   thisnurse
    i have always been amazed at the way managment handles us. there are so few times when any of us is told we have done a good job.
    our unit meetings are based in large part on negativity. i dont understand why its so hard for the manager to take a few minutes to recognize the efforts ..the EXTRA efforts of some of the employees. these employees are the backbone of the unit. they carry the dead weight. costs nothing and would go a long way in boosting the morale on the unit.
    we sure as hell dont need anyone tearing us down.
    due to staffing we mostly feel like we did a crappy job as it is despite our efforts.
  7. by   RyanRN
    Don't accept what isn't yours. Maybe difficult, but with practice you CAN decide to ignore ignoramuses like that DON. People only have power if you give it to them.

    Glaze over and tune her out!!!