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I need to vent, but any constructive criticism would be appreciated. I am an agency LPN, working a mainly at a LTC facility, which I really enjoy. Most staff is great, and treat me as one of... Read More

  1. by   moongirl
    These women all have forms of dementia.. and I wonder if some of it too isnt the "old school" in them, thinking that only a woman should be a nurse. We have a wonderful male student in our class who gets nothing but grief from his grandpa for wanting to be a nurse, because in his day, real MEN did not become nurses.
    Hang in there for one more moth, and hopefully your next facility will not be such a challenge!
  2. by   JohnBearPA
    I just wanted to thank everyone that shared similiar (and sometimes worse) stories. It's comforting to me to realize that other people have the same problems, and get thru them. I guess I needed validation for my feelings about not returning to that unit, and as usual, you guys and girls came thru! Thanks for being the supportive forum that I've become addicted to reading and participating in, and I'm PROUD to be a part of your ranks!
  3. by   grandma pat
    I have done agency nursing and am now a travel nurse. I agree in requesting not to be placed on that unit again to prevent another bad experience. I agree with the previous post about just documenting the refusal if the patient is competant to refuse. This would prevent the whole unit from joining the "crazy train" and allow you to administer the medications to them in a timely manner. You can always attempt to readminister at the end of your initial med rounds. I doubt that your sex really had anything to do with it if she has done this before with female nurses. Documentation is the key to whatever you decide to do. Make sure and cont to keep your supervisor abreast of the situation. It may also help to notify the family of the incident as soon as possible to make sure both sides are heard. I think you handled this situation the best way you could at the time and should not feel at risk of any reports of inappropriate behaviour to the board. I would not leave the medications for the nursing assistants to give unless there is a facility protocal in place that has them trained in medication administration. That is not a delegatable tasks in my state. Just remember the 5 rights of medication administration as far as the state is concerned and if they were to come back during your rounds, explain that the unit as a whole can not suffer while you try to talk one angry patron done. Good luck to you in handling this situation if you encounter it again.:Melody:
  4. by   Antikigirl
    Oh wow! I have worked in an ALF with the same situation! I ask three times with a break, inform them of what I am doing and why these meds are important. If they continue to deny...I document that and move on! A patient has the right to decline any treatment or person doing it! So fine, I go with that, document and alert MD, family, and administration.

    If they are really being angry or out of place about it...I go in with a witness! Just a safe thing to do for pt and YOU! I have them document and be available if I need them! Just a safe way to go! I do this with unstable patients all the time! Worth the wait, and I can justify this with lots of documentation that can't be denied by administration!

    If you are to work with this facility again, administration must step in and help this issue. Basically it is sexual discrimination if they don't assist with this situation and still have you working there and having to abide by their rules and policies!

    Also, and I don't mean to make this sound like you can't...but maybe a trusted CNA or other RN for that patient can speak to them (or admin really!!! Safest!) and find out just what their fears or anxieties are about with having a male nurse! It may give insite to what steps to take next !

    Heck, most of the nurses working at the facility I worked in were older than I by 15-20 years. The patients didn't trust me at all, since I didn't look "matronly" as they put it. After a while of lots of situations and upset...I became very trusted, and very very well liked! Took a while...but I did it! I did a LOT of active listening...that helped .

    Good luck to you..so very sorry that happened...and sadly I see this in these types of facilities with males, or anyone of another race or even religion (sometimes political status!!! OUCH!).

    Stay true to yourself now...one pt does not a career make, and only makes you stronger I think...and believe me I best be pretty strong now! LOL!!!!!!