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  1. Grrrrrrrrrr.. Just had a call from my old nurse manager who asked if i was going to be coming back.( I stayed on their books as a consultant basis which bascially means i call them when i am a available) I figured at least it was a fall back if i didn't get lots of work with the agency that i joined.
    Left there end of Dec 03.. did a couple of shifts in Jan/Feb before the agency hiring procedures went through..
    The rate of pay was over 7 less than the day rate of the agency so lets see.. wonder who I'm gonna work for first? LOLOL..
    Anyhow seems she has to make out a time sheet weekly for me even if i don't work awww poor dear.. that is part of her job.. LOL.. So basically she asked if i wasn't intending on doing any work for them then could I send in a letter of resignation from the consultancy contract.. Asked her if that would prevent me from doing the agency for them(which they use ALOT as its how I found out about the agency in the first place) she said rather rudely NO you can't..
    Ahhh well.. now that i have that off my chest i feel better.. After all I am going to do what is best for me.
    Left that job as i knew it wasn't for me missed the acute care nature of hospital nursing. too many cheifs not enough indians type of place. Lots of personality clashes.so not a big loss..
    Thanks for listening to those who actually take the time to read it..
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  3. by   fergus51
    I know the type of place
  4. by   scrubs70
    Gee I wonder who's better off.........Their loss not yours