Just starting out...

  1. Hello all of you nurses!!!
    I just graduated last month with my BSN.
    I am taking my boards tomorrow and start my interviewing next week. I wanted some advice on whether I should start right out in the Med/Surg. floor or should I request an OR position if there is any avail. Please be honest and let me know what you think.
    Thank you for your time!!!!
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  3. by   cjp
    I'd go for a good med surg floor. Getting that experience under your belt and your feet wet in that arena will take you many place. I don't think I would be where I am today without a good solid medical foundation.
    Good luck in you new life and career. You will face many challenges most will be good.
  4. by   lyndalous
    Thank you Jeanie:

    I appreciate all your kind words of encouragement. We really do need nurses like you all around that will take a minute to offer kind words. You are the only one who replied and that made my day. I took the NCLEX today and I feel confident... it went all the way to 265 but that is ok.... have a good day.
  5. by   jenadox
    I agree with Jeanie. I would definitely start out on a floor before moving to the OR. My first position was on a cardiac step down unit and I found out how much I really didn't learn in school LOL. You may end finding a specialty other than OR that you love.

    BTW, congrats on getting your boards out of the way. I remember how nerve wracking it was. I am studying for my CCRN and am feeling that test anxiety all over again. I know lots of people who went to 265 and passed. Good luck to you!
  6. by   CEN35
    i think no matter where you go, if your determined you'll be good!!! i went into er right out of school......and it has been great!!!
  7. by   Ted
    Consider the the specialty traing and the preceptor programs that your facility has to offer.

    I used to work for a large teaching hospital which had great teaching and preceptoring programs for the new grad. In particular, the ICU specialty program was very comprehensive. But what worked was the organized (and caring) preceptorship program the MICU had to offer. The MICU preceptorship program not only focused on the "specialty aspects" of the unit, it provided the new grads time and attention to getting the "nursing basics" under their belt. The preceptorship program and orientation lasted months, not weeks.

    I currently work for a very small community hospital. I dare say that I would recommend a nurse who enters this hospital to start out on the med/surg floor for about a year before doing and "specialty training" like OR , ER or ICU. There just isn't the resourses available to provide the mentoring, nurturing, and education needed for a new grad to go right into a speicalty field.

    Good luck with your decision!