Just as we start to see a real drive for improvement in our working conditions, then

  1. Just as we start to see a real drive for improvement in our working conditions, then this.

    The momentum has just started to work in favor of the Nursing profession in general and more specifically in favor of nurses at the bedside. Now we have a group who is set on yet again taking away our strength to affect needed change. They are looking to turn the table in favor of the American Hospital Association and other institutions and the CEOs who control them.

    For more details see;
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  3. by   oramar
    I am really glad you keep taking me back to the original "What do you think" link. It is about the third, maybe fourth time I have read your post over there and I am actually starting to understand it.
  4. by   wildtime88
    oramar, is that sarcasm or is that the truth?

    If you have any suggestions on making it easier to read and understand, then please PM me. Unfortunately, in order to fully understand what is about to go on, it requires thinking about it. It does tie into a lot of the issues being discussed and how they will be affected. This is something that nurses who are looking to a better future must know and understand.

    The only reason I started another topic was to make sure it was not over looked due to the titles of the other posts. I promise not to start another topic in this nature again, but I will continue to refer to it when this issue will in some way adversely affect our future.
  5. by   thisnurse
    wild...please dont stop posting about this. we need your insight. i for one appreciate your posts. sometimes the only way we can wake up is with a slap in the face. and even then some of us refuse to look at the morning.
  6. by   kaycee
    wild, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your insight and information. I have been a bedside nurse for almost 27yrs and have never belonged to the ANA or wanted to. I never felt they ever did anything with the bedside nurses best interest in mind. I admit I am no political activist but I have always been a big mouth in any hospital I have ever worked in regarding the treatment and lack of respect for the bedside nurse.
    I've hit so many brick walls over the years that I have been in the "I don't care anymore" mode. Just let me retire and get the hell out. I don't like being in this frame of mind and I want to thank you for keeping me interested and still ready to fight.
    I'm tired though and physically worn, keep the information coming so through you I can stay informed and help in any way I can.