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  1. by   WashYaHands
    I think that I'm a good judge of character. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but there are some that I am intuitively cautious with.

  2. by   Brownms46
    [quote]originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    oh brownie.....((((((hugs))))))) what a kind heart you have, my dear friend! :kind heart?? i think it's more like a real sucker for a sob story..period!!! it's a good thing i'm not rich, because i wouldn't have the money for a day...

    do you all think that nurses in general are suckers for a sob face? a sob storyline? a need to reach out and touch someone's life to try to make it all better? is that what the real essence of "nursing" is all about? what makes us this way? just curious!

    renee...i always felt it was inherited from my mother..also a sucker for sob story! you know how you buy clothes for each season...and when the season comes back you go get out those clothes out of use them again?? well, not in my house when i was growing up. my mother "donated" them! we bought new clothes every season! and if you had a fav ...too bad...someone else needed it more than you...:chuckle!

    my mother would help out anyone...and yes we had people who moved in with us when i was growing up also! my mother on our street was called mom...and just about every kid on the block hung out at our house. and if you were there at dinner time...you got fed, and treated just like one of us... as you know...she was a social worker...so we had strange kids sometimes, who they couldn't place...so they ended up in our home...until they could be placed. i guess that is why i take quickly to people...and rarely meet a stranger!

    the female that i took in who was abused...i had never met her more than a couple of times at work. in fact just the other nite i offered my home to a cna who had been beat up by his boyfriend, and who had a key to his apt! he is the best cna i have ever encountered! he is always doing what you need before you can even ask him! he is a transexual, and looks like a female, and turned down my offer. probably for the best though. i always say i'm not going to do this again....ooooh...well..:chuckle
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  3. by   LoisJean
    Boy, would first year Philosophy students have a field day with this one.

    I have the ability to recognize the character of someone right off the bat. This isn't any, 'patting myself on the back', attitude. I think this ability has been developed over the years according to my life experiences with other people. (Altho, I do believe that this can be an 'inherited' trait)-

    I do know that this 'ability' can be developed to go beyond meeting people in person. For instance, I can pretty well understand a person's character by the way they put words together when they write or speak... Even many of you guys who post...I don't 'see' your writing, I 'hear' your writing.

    I know which ones of you I would like to spend time with and which ones I wouldn't. I know when some of you are in the pits and when you are feeling pretty balanced. For instance, when Brownie gets angry it's for an injustice committed upon another...not necessarily upon her personally. To me, this means that her view of her world is not black and white (please pardon my wordage, Brownie). She sees everything in her world in colors and when someone does something to take the color out of another person it really makes her mad.

    Cheerfuldoer, in my opinion, possesses the closest thing to Zen balance of anyone I've come across in a long time. She thinks deeply and considers everything. She doesn't make a move until all of the pieces of whatever or whoever is in front of her are in a place she can intuitively understand...but, I think she does this so quickly that she doesn't realize she does it.

    Being able to accurately decipher characters is one reason why I work for myself...it's also why my business is successful.

    Being able to deduce the character of a person is very helpful when it comes to patient care. If a nurse can 'know' her patient, she is less apt to treat them all the same. I believe this is when hands-on care becomes healing care.

    Long time ago a guy named Paul wrote that he could fit himself into any situation with all kinds of people and get along with them without compromising his principles. He had the ability to judge intuitively without judging instinctively. There is a great big difference there. This is the kind of life I try to lead with those in the world around me.

    For me, the most important factor of my life is, "Knowing Myself". This means that I do not have the right to judge anyone except myself and in that I must be a righteous judge. If I do well by myself, I will do right by you.

    An excellent topic for nurses and those who are not. Thanks!

    Lois Jean